Book 3 wheeled electric car for just 10 thousand rupees, charge and drive 200 kms

Book 3 wheeled electric car for just 10 thousand rupees, charge and drive 200 kms


Mumbai-based company Strom Motors has launched a three wheeler car.
This three wheeler car has 3 driving modes Eco, Normal and Sport.
On a single charge, it can run up to 200 km.

New Delhi: Amidst the rising prices of petrol and diesel, a Mumbai-based car maker has claimed to launch an electric car. It is very different from the normal car in look and design. Its biggest feature is that it has only three wheels. Despite having three wheels, it is very different from an auto rickshaw. Bookings for this car are happening very fast.

You can avail the upgrade up to Rs 50,000 on the first booking. At present, many electric cars are available for purchase in our country. But the price of this three wheeler car is very less as compared to other cars.

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This car can be booked by paying only 10 thousand
The central government is promoting electric cars to reduce pollution in the country. If you also want to book this work, then for this you will have to spend only 10 thousand. This car is currently available only for the customers of Delhi and Mumbai. You can book it very easily by visiting the official website of Strom Motors. Book this work online by giving Aadhaar number and address.

What is the specialty of this car
The biggest highlight of the Storm R3 is that it has two wheels at the front and one at the rear. It can run up to 200 km on a single charge. The maximum speed of this car is 80Kmph. It has a touchscreen display with 4G connectivity and climate change options. Its length is 2,915 mm, width is 1,510 mm and height is 1,545 mm. It looks like a very small car. But two people can travel in it simultaneously.

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Has the capacity to bear 550 kg.
The price of this car is Rs 4.5 lakh. The capacity of this car is to bear the weight of 550 kg. It is powered by a 15kW electric battery that generates 90Nm of torque. It has 3 driving modes Eco, Normal and Sport. Till now 160 people have booked this car. This car gets fully charged in 3 hours. It is available in three variants R3 Pure, R3 Current and R3 Bolt. If you also want to buy this car, then you can get rid of petrol and diesel car by booking online.

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