BGR-34 medicine effective in reducing obesity as well as diabetes finds AIIMS study

BGR-34 medicine effective in reducing obesity as well as diabetes finds AIIMS study

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AIIMS conducts a study on BGR-34 medicine


  • A team of AIIMS doctors did an in-depth study
  • This medicine made by mixing many types of herbal
  • AIIMS study to be published in research journal soon

A team of doctors from the National Capital-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has found that Ayurveda’s anti-diabetic drug ‘BGR-34’ reduces obesity as well as metabolism in patients suffering from long-term diseases. It is also effective in improving the system. The team has come to this conclusion after a three-year study under the supervision of Dr Sudhir Chandra Sarangi, Additional Professor, Department of Pharmacology, AIIMS.

This medicine alone is very effective

The BGR-34 drug has been prepared after extensive research by the scientists of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). It is made by mixing many types of herbal. This medicine is marketed by ‘Emil Pharmaceuticals’. The purpose of the study was to find out whether this drug is effective on its own or is it used in combination with other allopathic medicines. As a result, it was found that this medicine alone is very effective, which not only reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, but also brings some other benefits, such as reducing obesity, etc.

What things in the body does the drug target?
This medicine also balances the levels of ‘hormone profile’, ‘lipid profile’, ‘triglycerides’ and reduces ‘leptin’ which helps in controlling fat in the body. Similarly, ‘triglycerides’ are bad cholesterol, high amounts of which are harmful for the body, but studies have also shown a decrease in it. According to the study, controlling the ‘lipid profile’ reduces the risk of heart diseases, while the deterioration of ‘hormone profile’ causes problems like loss of appetite, sleeplessness etc.

Study to be published in research journal soon
The study was launched in March 2019 and its findings will soon be published in a research journal. Dr Sanchit Sharma, Executive Director, Emil Pharmaceuticals, said that herbal based Ayurveda medicines are gaining huge acceptance among people who are willing to take preventive health measures in the backdrop of increasing non-communicable diseases due to lifestyle changes. He said that in view of this, the government has also taken measures to increase the availability of these products.

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