BJP attack back on Nitish Kumar asked when JDU broke MLAs was it virtue in response of manipur mlas vs Nitish

BJP attack back on Nitish Kumar asked when JDU broke MLAs was it virtue in response of manipur mlas vs Nitish

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BJP Leader Vijay Kumar Sinha And CM Nitish Kumar


  • ‘If Tejashwi got AIMIM merged, was he right?’
  • Sinha’s taunt, CM’s statement also keeps changing and also the past
  • ‘Opposition unites, 2024 result will be very good’

BJP Attack Back on Nitish Kumar: JDU and BJP have come face to face after JDU MLAs from Manipur joined BJP. When Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar attacked on this, the BJP also did not delay in retaliate. Leader of Opposition in Bihar Vijay Kumar Sinha said that Nitish Kumar says that taking the winner of a party on his side is a violation of democracy, by doing so he is putting himself and Lalu Prasad in the dock. Sinha said that when he was talking to reporters on Saturday, minister Ashok Choudhary standing next to him was also a former president of Bihar Congress.

He said in a questioning tone that if your colleague Tejashwi Yadav got AIMIM merged recently, was he right? He asked the question that if you broke dozens of MLAs from LJP, BSP, Congress, RJD in the past, was it all a work of virtue? Sinha taunted that the dual character of the Chief Minister is not known. Those statements keep changing and changing too.

‘Nitish Kumar’s support base is decreasing continuously’

Sinha said that Nitish Kumar’s support base is continuously decreasing today. JDU had 115 seats in the year 2010, came to 70 in 2015 and came down to 43 in 2020. He claimed that in the year 2025 this figure will remain in the unit. He said that neither the people nor the people’s representatives have faith in Nitish Kunar, instead of gaining trust, they are trying to curse the BJP, but they will not get anything from it.

BJP Leader Vijay Kumar Sinha

Image Source : FILE PHOTO

BJP Leader Vijay Kumar Sinha

Need to think what is happening- Nitish

Earlier, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that if all the opposition comes together, the outcome of 2024 will be very good. Nitish Kumar on being asked by journalists in Patna about JDU MLAs joining BJP in Manipur said that we need to think that what is happening, what is this act, this is happening for the first time. Is.

He said that when he parted ways with the NDA, all the six MLAs from Manipur came and met him, assuring him that they were with JD(U). Why the MLAs are breaking ties with the parties, he said. He said furiously, just imagine what is happening. How are they breaking the winning MLAs from other parties? He said that the public is seeing what the BJP is doing.

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