Imran Khan furious at Nawaz Sharif, then praised PM Modi, know with whom Shahbaz Sarkar is compared?

Imran Khan furious at Nawaz Sharif, then praised PM Modi, know with whom Shahbaz Sarkar is compared?

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Imran Khan

Pakistan News: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has once again praised PM Modi fiercely. He has also targeted Nawaz Sharif on the issue of corruption. In a video going viral on social media, he can be seen and heard talking about Pakistan Muslim League-N supremo Nawaz Sharif’s properties outside Pakistan. In this sequence, he has praised PM Modi while comparing India and Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif has assets worth billions outside the country: Khan

Imran Khan strongly attacked Nawaz Sharif. In his address, Imran Khan said that apart from Nawaz, no other leader in the world has the wealth of billions. Addressing a public meeting, he said, ‘Tell me about a country whose prime minister or leader has billions of assets outside the country. How much property does our neighboring country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi have outside India. Imran Khan said, ‘No one can imagine how much wealth Nawaz has abroad.’

‘India has good relations with Russia, afraid of America’

By the way, Imran Khan has praised PM Modi on many occasions before this. In particular, he has been praising the foreign policy of the Modi government. While praising the Modi government, Imran Khan has said on several occasions that India has maintained good relations with Russia without fearing America and is buying oil from Russia at cheap prices. Despite America’s tough stand, it has been able to buy oil from Russia at cheap prices. India’s foreign policy is not influenced by America. At the same time, Imran has been accusing the US of interfering in Pakistan and pressurizing it and the Shahbaz government is unable to take decisions under the pressure of America. Imran had said the same thing while coming from power that he was being ousted from power at the behest of America. Significantly, when Imran Khan was in the post of PM, he had come after visiting Russia, during which he was criticized a lot. At the same time, Imran Shahbaz curses the government for working under the pressure of America.

He has been seen praising India’s foreign policy on many occasions. Imran Khan praised India for buying oil from Russia at a lower price. He had said that his government was also working on the same with the help of an independent foreign policy. At the same time, he termed the government led by Pakistan Muslim League-N as ‘running here and there like a chicken without a head’.

India did not come under US pressure: Imran

Imran Khan had tweeted and said, ‘Despite being part of the Quad, did not come to India under pressure from America. To give relief to the public, he bought oil from Russia at a low price. This is what our government was working to achieve with the help of an independent foreign policy.

Was praised as ‘India’s ‘Khuddar community’

Earlier in April also, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party chief had praised India, calling it a ‘Khudar Qaum’. In his address to the nation before the no-confidence vote, he had said, ‘Indians are very self-respecting. No superpower can set the conditions for India.’

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