Imran Khan says, if harassment of my party workers does not stop, I will do rally till Islamabad | ‘…then I will take out a rally till Islamabad’, Imran warns the government of Pakistan

 Imran Khan says, if harassment of my party workers does not stop, I will do rally till Islamabad |  '...then I will take out a rally till Islamabad', Imran warns the government of Pakistan

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

Islamabad: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been an attacker on his country’s government since he lost the chair in April. On one hand, where Pakistan is suffering due to floods and economic problems, on the other hand Imran has also left no stone unturned to trouble the government. Imran Khan has now warned the government that if the political persecution of his party workers continues, he will take out a huge rally till Islamabad.

‘…then there will be freedom movement till Islamabad’

According to Pakistani media reports, addressing a public meeting in Gujarat, Punjab province Imran Said that the workers of his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party are being unnecessarily targeted ever since he was removed from the post of Prime Minister through a no-confidence motion in April this year. Imran said, ‘If the present government does not stop targeting PTI supporters, then freedom movement will be carried out till Islamabad.’

‘You won’t find a place to hide’
Imran further said, ‘I am warning you today that if you continue this political persecution, then our justice movement will reach Islamabad and you will not find a hiding place anywhere.’ He has intensified attacks against the government after some party workers, including his close aide Shehbaz Gill, were arrested on sedition charges. Imran condemned the government for the alleged coercive action on Gill, alleging that he was naked and tortured.

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There is a huge crowd in Imran Khan’s rallies.

‘Farooqui was forced to be naked’
Imran said, ‘The government also harassed journalist Jameel Farooqui. They were humiliated by forcing them to be naked. Several cases have also been registered against Haleem Adil. They are also being tortured in jail. In his address on Friday, the former Prime Minister told the youth that they should work together to improve the judicial system of the country. Let us tell you that a huge crowd is gathering in the meetings of Imran Khan, due to which there has been a possibility of a major conflict in the politics of Pakistan.

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