JDU’s ‘poster strategy’ regarding Nitish’s claim for the post of PM. Nitish Kumar plays down talk about national role but posters tell a different story

 JDU's 'poster strategy' regarding Nitish's claim for the post of PM.  Nitish Kumar plays down talk about national role but posters tell a different story

Image Source : IANS
JDU Poster


  • Nitish Kumar has come with the Grand Alliance after separating from the BJP.
  • Nitish left BJP to become Prime Minister?
  • Posters in front of JDU’s state office are telling the story

Nitish Kumar: Chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar So far, he may not have directly accepted himself for the post of Prime Minister, but the way posters have been put up in front of the JDU’s state office, it is clear that JDU has nominated Nitish Kumar for the post of PM. Prepared to prove the claim. By the way, this is not the first time that Nitish is preparing to dominate the JDU at the national level. Even before this, the leaders of JDU have tried to make an image at the national level by calling Nitish a worthy leader for the post of Prime Minister, but till now no success has been achieved.

Nitish left BJP to become PM?

By the way, when Nitish Kumar was asked by journalists about his national ambitions, his reply was, “Chhodiya yeh sab baat”.

The way Nitish Kumar changed his side with the Grand Alliance after breaking away from the BJP, it was only then that it was being speculated that Nitish had left the BJP to become the Prime Minister. Now posters in the capital Patna are also giving its testimony. New posters were put up at the party office in Patna. In these posters, there is a picture of Nitish Kumar only in the name of the picture. The sentences written in the posters are giving a clear indication that while Nitish’s party wants to build the image of Nitish Kumar at the national level, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi But also targeting. In different, big posters, many claims have been written like ‘Jumla Nahi Haqeeqat’, ‘Mann Ki Nahi Kaam Ki’, ‘Pradesh Mein Dekha, Desh Mein Dekhga’, ‘Again Hua Change Hoga’.

JDU Poster

Image Source : IANS

JDU Poster

2-day national meeting of JDU from Saturday
Some of the posters also said that Kumar will make India ‘Ek Samaj, Shreshtha Samaj’ in 2024 and there will be a “change” because the beginning has already been made. With the JDU going to hold a two-day national meeting here from Saturday, there is strong speculation among its leaders and workers that this conference will take Kumar as the face of the opposition for the post of Prime Minister before the next Lok Sabha elections of 2024. It will prove to be a platform to present.

It is noteworthy that Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao also visited Bihar recently. In Rao’s press conference also, questions were asked about Nitish’s candidature for the post of PM. After this, Nitish himself left the chair and stood up, but Rao too could not speak clearly.

JDU President gave this statement on Nitish’s PM candidature
When JDU President Lalan Singh was asked on the new poster put up in the JDU office to be projected as a PM candidate for Nitish Kumar, he did not accept the candidature for the post of PM, but definitely said that Prime Minister Narendra Whatever promises made by Modi’s government since 2014 have not been fulfilled. Nitish Kumar, on the other hand, ruled Bihar for 17 years, did not run any jumla, fulfilled the promise he made.

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