North Korea News UN Secretary Guterres on civil rights in North Korea repression of people’s freedom

North Korea News UN Secretary Guterres on civil rights in North Korea repression of people's freedom

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Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres


  • It is also imperative to support accountability – Guterres
  • Restrictions on civil rights in North Korea
  • Ban on wearing jeans

North Korea News: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said North Korea has increased its repression of the rights and freedoms of its people and that the Security Council should consider trying it at the International Court of Justice for possible crimes against humanity. Guterres made this comment in a new report.

‘No progress in fixing accountability for human rights’

The report, sent to the UN General Assembly, released on Thursday, said there had been no progress in setting accountability for human rights in the isolated North Asian country. Along with this, the report gave examples of past incidents, which may come under the purview of crimes against humanity. The report said UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet told the Human Rights Council in March that information received from her office “provided sufficient evidence to believe that crimes against humanity were committed and likely to be committed in North Korea”. are.

‘Supporting accountability is also imperative’

“It is imperative for the international community to respond to the human rights situation in the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea and also to support its accountability if crimes against humanity have been committed,” Guterres said.

The 18-page UN report, dated from August 2021 to July 2022, states that there were more human rights violations in North Korea during the Kovid-19 related restrictions.

Restrictions on civil rights in North Korea

Significantly, there are many restrictions on the rights of citizens in North Korea. According to reports, listening to foreign music or watching foreign movies is considered a crime in North Korea. A citizen can be hanged or jailed for consuming foreign language material. Watching American movies here can lead to death penalty while watching Indian movies can lead to imprisonment. More recently, Kim Jong Un is also planning to ban K-pop music to limit cultural influence in North Korea.

Ban on wearing jeans

Not only this, if the news is to be believed, it is a crime to call a person living abroad in North Korea and he can be sentenced to death. In 2007, one person was executed by the state when he made several international calls. The right to drive is only granted to male government officials in North Korea. Women are not allowed to drive under any circumstances. Even wearing jeans is strictly prohibited in North Korea because the state considers it a symbol of capitalism. Women should cover their knees when wearing skirts. Also wearing a bikini is prohibited.

no right to choose a profession

According to reports, the state has a strict policy against those who do any act to disrespect Kim Jong Un’s family. Instead of a portrait of former President Kim Jong-sung, a woman was jailed for saving her children. North Korean people do not have the right to choose their profession as it is decided by the state according to the needs of the country. It is considered illegal to do many such things in North Korea.

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