Seema Patra News Seema Patra who was suspended from BJP was arrested was trying to escape. BJP’s suspended leader Seema Patra arrested, was trying to escape

 Seema Patra News Seema Patra who was suspended from BJP was arrested was trying to escape.  BJP's suspended leader Seema Patra arrested, was trying to escape

Seema Patra


  • BJP’s suspended leader Seema Patra arrested
  • Argora police team arrested
  • Was trying to escape from Ranchi

Seema Patra News: Seema Patra, wife of retired IAS officer of Jharkhand and BJP leader Seema Patra has been arrested on Wednesday morning. She was trying to escape from Ranchi but was caught by the Argora police team. Seema is accused of harassing her maid Sunita, who works in her house, and tortured her to the third degree.

What allegations has the maid made?

On Tuesday, the police have recorded the statement of Sunita, who was freed from the captivity of Seema Patra, in the court under section 164. In his statement, he has told the whole story of the atrocities on himself in front of the court. According to Sunita, she has been fired from place to place with a hot pan. His front three or four teeth were broken with an iron rod.

Even his food and water were stopped. On 22 August, on the information of an officer of the Personnel Department of the Government of Jharkhand, Ranchi Police had freed him from Seema Patra’s residence in Ashoknagar, Ranchi.

Seema Patra had declared her own son a psychopath

The extent was reached, Seema’s own son Ayushman Patra protested the atrocities being committed by his mother and mother Seema declared her own son a psychopath and admitted him to Ranchi’s famous mental hospital Rinpas. To such an extent that he had forcibly admitted him here by putting fetters in the hands of the son. On Monday, when the news of Sunita’s torture was published, Seema got her son released from here hurriedly.

Sunita is from tribal community

The victim Sunita, who hails from a tribal community, hails from a village in Gumla. About ten years ago she was brought to work as a maid in the house of retired IAS Maheshwar Patra and BJP leader Seema Patra. Later she was sent to Delhi with her daughter Vatsala Patra. After her transfer from Delhi, Sunita came back to Ranchi Seema Patra’s house. He was always harassed while working here. When he asked for permission to go home, he was beaten up and locked in the room.

Sunita used to walk on the floor due to continuous beating

Talking became common. Dozens of times he was fired from the hot pan. The room where Sunita was confined was her bedroom and bathroom. Due to continuous beating, she was so incapacitated that she used to drag and walk on the floor. If Sunita’s urine accidentally went out of the room, she had to clean it by licking it with her mouth. Somehow he was forced to do this by dragging and dragging. Jharkhand BJP state president Deepak Prakash announced the expulsion of BJP leader Seema Patra from the party.

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