The child died in the mother’s lap outside the hospital in Jabalpur, orders for investigation. Jabalpur News waiting for doctor the child died in his mother lap

 The child died in the mother's lap outside the hospital in Jabalpur, orders for investigation.  Jabalpur News waiting for doctor the child died in his mother lap

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Jabalpur News

Jabalpur News: of Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur A heart-wrenching case has come to the fore in the district, where a child died in his mother’s lap due to non-availability of treatment outside the hospital. The Health Minister has ordered an inquiry. At the same time, Congress state president Kamal Nath has described this matter as an opener to the claims of development of the government. A video of this incident has surfaced in which the woman is seen crying outside the hospital.

Know what is the whole matter

The case is of Bargi area of ​​Jabalpur, where a 5-year-old innocent sage of Tinhata was brought to the Primary Health Center Bargi after vomiting and diarrhea, where he died. The sage is being held by his mother in her lap and the son wakes up, wakes up, is calling. This video is going viral on social media. Rishi’s maternal uncle Pawan and relatives allege that his sister had reached the health center Bargi at 10 am on Wednesday to show her son, but there was no doctor in the health center, the nurse was alone. The child could not get treatment due to the absence of a doctor. His health deteriorated and he died.

Health Minister ordered an inquiry
State Health Minister Dr. Prabhuram Choudhary has ordered an inquiry into the matter, as well as summoned a report from the District Magistrate. At the same time, the state president of Congress Kamal Nath While tweeting the video of the child in the woman’s lap, it has been said that, these pictures of Bargi of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh are very heartbreaking. An innocent child dies in agony outside the health center in the lap of his mother because he could neither find a doctor nor get treatment.

Kalnath targeted Shivraj government
Kamal Nath further said, “Such pictures are coming out continuously from different parts of Madhya Pradesh, but instead of improving the responsible system, they are watching all this as a mute spectator. These pictures are exposing the claims of good governance, golden state, development of Shivraj government. He further said, I demand from the government that this matter should be investigated, strict action should be taken against the culprits, all possible help should be given to the victim’s family.

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