After all, why did Piyush Goyal say that India is the best place to invest, know the reason behind it

After all, why did Piyush Goyal say that India is the best place to invest, know the reason behind it

Photo:PTI Why Piyush Goel said that India is the best place to invest


  • All countries want to do business with India
  • Indian labor is now most in demand
  • Next 25 years important for India

Piyush Goyal: America ABC ie Anything But China is getting widespread support. India The US is fast becoming the country of first choice for business. commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal, Said that India is the first choice as far as US business is concerned. India holds a special place for America. In fact, in today’s time the whole world is looking towards India.

All countries want to do business with India

Most of the countries of the world want to connect with us more and more. The biggest reasons behind this are political stability, emerging power in technology and design and huge consumer market. They are seeing this as a big opportunity. A multinational company wants to set up industry in India in which more than 2,00,000 people will be hired. The current focus of the government is on semiconductor, state-of-the-art R&D and design strengths.

Why is there so much hope for India?

Responding to this question, Goyal said that obviously, India’s growing GDP, which is attracting everyone. In the era of WTO, India’s covid management, vaccine efficiency is being seen as a major achievement.

I met ministers from many countries and they praised the entire ecosystem of India that India had built during Covid. Apart from this, India did not give up any international commitment in this difficult time. Even our WFH broadband connectivity and its increased power were appreciated by the countries of the world. The prime minister’s dream is to see India as a developed nation.

Indian labor is now most in demand

Goyal also said that Indian labor is now in highest demand. He referred to his recent visit to the textile capital, Tirupur, about how Tirupur could become the next Bangladesh. Foreign investors want ease of doing business, but equally we have to adopt our skills and technology at a rapid pace.

He also said that the recent Foxconn/Vedanta deal shows that the spirit of competition among states and the double engine of federal spirit should be the cornerstone of all such investments, so that cooperation and competition prevail.

Next 25 years important for India

He said that Indian entrepreneurship has flourished in America because of the exemplary work done by the diaspora. In America, he spoke extensively to the Indian American community and told them that India has a large army of people. Our youth are the biggest opportunities and all of them are connected to the world through the internet. We are starting our journey towards making India a developed nation. So it is an important time for us to think about where we see India in the next 25 years. The next 25 years of Amrit Kaal, as PM Modi has said, will define India’s development journey. We aim to become a USD 5 trillion economy in the near future.

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