Google is going to launch a new feature, with the help of Assistant, all the work will be done in a pinch

Google is going to launch a new feature, with the help of Assistant, all the work will be done in a pinch

Photo:FILE Google is going to launch new feature

Google Assistant has changed ‘What’s on my screen’ to a Lens-branded shortcut button that some Pixel users are now calling ‘Search this screen’. Unlike ‘What’s on My Screen’, the current Lens button doesn’t offer an option to call Google Assistant every time.

what does the report say

It’s visible in Chrome and Twitter, but availability in third-party apps is hit or miss. Now, the ‘Search this screen’ button is visible in Assistant on Android. As 9to5Google reports, tapping should capture the current screen and let you access the translate, text, search, homework, shopping, location and dining filters. Simply put, now Google Assistant will be able to do more tasks than before. Even with its help, we will be able to use Google Lens. Google Lens is also used to search by clicking on the photo.

Feature not yet launched for everyone

The ‘Search this screen’ button opens Lens and ‘gives you all the lens options, so you no longer have to go through the chores of screenshotting and lens-ing.’ The new lens screen search button has not been rolled out to everyone but has been seen in build To promote the use of Lens, Google may soon roll out this replacement for all Android users.

What kind of content does Google demand?

If you are a content creator and you run your website, then there are some things that are very important for you to take care of. One of them is that your news should be at least 350 words. The quality of the thumb image you are using in your post should be excellent. Also, you must be using some English keywords in the middle of the news. Lastly, the most important thing to note is that your content should not be copied from any other website. That content was written by you. If you upload any kind of content by copy-pasting, then from now on Google will work towards preventing such news from coming in the ranks.

Google recently deleted the data of many Indian people

Earlier this month, Google deleted the data of millions of people in one stroke. He has to do this to follow the rules of the Government of India. Under India’s new IT Rules 2021, 1,11,493 bad content was deleted from its platform. This step was taken by Google due to 32,717 complaints filed by users across the country.

How Google Hammered Content

Content removed by Google was related to copyright infringement, trademark, court order, graphic sexual content and fraud. The company in its statement to ANI said that the complaints include several categories. Some have been accused of infringement of intellectual property rights, while others are content with defamation and violation of local laws.

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