Google will teach computer science to more than 1 crore children for free, it will be easy to get new jobs

Google: Copy-pasting content creators are no longer good, Google is making big preparations

Photo:AP Google will teach computer science to 10 million children for free


  • Announced under ‘Grow with Google’ initiative
  • Google is being encouraged by giving career certificate
  • Announcement of $ 20 million grant to provide computer science education

alphabet and Google CEO of Sundar Pichai has announced a grant of $ 20 million to provide computer science education to 11 million students. “We will focus on supporting national and local organizations that reach disadvantaged students in major urban centers and rural communities and that help governments and teachers implement CS education plans,” Pichai said in a statement late Thursday. help.”

Announced under ‘Grow with Google’ initiative

The announcement is part of the ‘Grow with Google’ initiative and includes funding from Earlier this year, Google partnered with the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture to train 2000 teachers on digital skills, so they can reach 200,000 rural students by the end of the 2023 school year.

Google is being encouraged by giving career certificate

“This summer I joined other CEOs to send a message in support of making computer science a fundamental part of every student,” Pichai said. More than 9 million people in the US have already learned new skills through Grow With Google, including the Google Career Certificate, which prepares people for jobs in growing sectors.

Pichai emphasized that we believe that Google and other companies have a responsibility to help people acquire the skills they need to land a good job, start a new business and provide a solid foundation for their families. no matter what their age or where they live.

New measures announced for online security

Technology giant Google announced a new online security initiative in India. The initiative includes cybersecurity road-shows in multiple cities to skill nearly a million developers, and a $2 million digital security-focused grant from to community organizations. Google said that all these efforts are aimed at strengthening the collective capacity of the country’s growing digital economy against cyber threats. These measures are aimed at prioritizing cyber security skills, user awareness and support for communities at high risk.

Announcing these initiatives at an event, Google India Vice President and Head of India, Sanjay Gupta said that he will organize cyber security road-shows in multiple cities to raise around one lakh developers, information technology (IT) and startup professionals across the country. Will organize The company has also announced a user awareness campaign in multiple languages ​​with the support of the Ministry of IT and Digital India Corporation.

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