Most unemployed are in this state of the country, know which states are lagging in giving jobs

Most unemployed are in this state of the country, know which states are lagging in giving jobs

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An important data related to unemployment in the country has come out. This shows that the highest number of unemployed in the country is in Haryana adjacent to Delhi. Here 37.3 percent people are unemployed. Simply put, 4 out of every 10 people do not have a job. On the other hand there are states like Chhattisgarh where the unemployment rate is less than 1 percent.

where how many unemployed

  • Haryana 37.3 percent
  • J&K 32.8 percent
  • Rajasthan 31.4 percent
  • 17.3 percent in Jharkhand
  • 16.3 percent in Tripura

lowest unemployment

  • Chhattisgarh 0.4 percent
  • Meghalaya 2 percent
  • Maharashtra 2.2 percent
  • Gujarat 2.6 percent
  • Odisha 2.6 percent

Unemployment increased in the country

The unemployment rate in the country reached a one-year high of 8.3 percent in August. During this, employment decreased by 20 lakh to 39.46 crore as compared to the previous month. According to data from the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the unemployment rate in July stood at 6.8 per cent and employment stood at 397 million.

more unemployed in cities

CMIE Managing Director Mahesh Vyas said, “Urban unemployment rate is generally higher than rural unemployment rate at eight per cent, while rural unemployment rate is around seven per cent.” 9.6 per cent and the rural unemployment rate rose to 7.7 per cent.” Vyas said erratic rainfall affected sowing activities and is one of the reasons for rising unemployment in rural India. The unemployment rate in rural areas of the country rose from 6.1 percent in July to 7.7 percent in August. More importantly, the employment rate fell from 37.6 percent to 37.3 percent.

unemployment may increase

“The rural unemployment rate may come down going forward as a delay in monsoon will lead to an increase in agricultural activities towards the end of the monsoon,” said Vyas. However, it is not clear what the urban unemployment rate will be like in the coming months. At present, it remains quite high.

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