Now you will not be able to send such photos from Instagram, the company is working on this new feature

Instagram is testing a new tipping feature, which will provide this option to keynoters

Photo:FILE Now you will not be able to send such photos from Instagram

Instagram: Instagram has started working on a new feature to protect users from receiving nude and inappropriate content from unknown people in their Direct Messages (DMs). This feature was being demanded from the users for a long time. With its arrival, the customers who use Insta will get a lot of help.

According to a report, “Instagram is working on nudity protection for chats. Your device’s technology covers photos that may contain nudity in chats. Instagram can’t access photos.”

Features will protect people’s privacy

Meta confirmed to The Verge that such features are being developed to protect the privacy of Instagram users. “We are working closely with experts to ensure that these new features protect people’s privacy, while also giving them control over the messages they receive,” a company spokesperson was quoted as saying.

What will be the specialty?

Meta said the technology would not allow it to view the actual messages nor allow them to be shared with third parties. The move comes at a time when the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a UK-based non-profit, found that Instagram’s tools failed to act on 90 percent of image-based abusive direct messages sent to ‘high-profile women’ Huh.

The company developed new technology

Last year, to give younger users a secure, private experience on its platform, Instagram made it difficult for youth to find potentially suspicious accounts by making accounts of users under the age of 16 private by default. It also limited advertisers’ options for reaching young people. The company has developed new technology that detects accounts potentially showing suspicious behavior and prevents those accounts from interacting with young people’s accounts.

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