Anjali Arora: After the MMS controversy, Anjali Arora shared a video, people were furious

Anjali Arora: After the MMS controversy, Anjali Arora shared a video, people were furious

Image Source : ANJALI ARORA
Anjali Arora

Anjali Arora: Lockup’s ex-contestant Anjali Arora is once again in the news. Recently, Anjali’s name had surfaced regarding MMS. At the same time, after the MMS controversy, Anjali has shared some of her new videos and photos on her Instagram handle. After the MMS controversy, Anjali is getting trolled a lot for her many videos and photos. Anjali Arora has again shared a new Instagram video of her.

Let us tell you that Anjali shared a video on Instagram. It was also written, “Your intoxication.” More than 7 thousand comments had come on this Insta reel of Anjali within a few hours. Also, more than 2.6 million views have come on the video. The video has over 2 lakh likes. Anjali is looking very beautiful in black and golden color dress. Anjali is looking very bold in this dress. While some people are liking Anjali in this avatar, while some are trolling her fiercely.

why so beautiful

Anjali has also shared her picture in bean cloth. Along with this video, the picture is also becoming fiercely viral. While sharing this picture, Anjali has written, “Every time we blame you for love…. Have you ever asked yourself why are you so beautiful?” These pictures of Anjali have more than 4 lakh likes. .

mms videos

Some time ago a video was claimed that it is an MMS video of Anjali Arora, but Anjali Arora had said that the video was not hers. It is being done to defame them. Anjali had also said that her family members are also watching this, she is only 23 years old and cannot bear all this pressure.

Munawwar Farooqui refuses to work with Anjali

Stand-up comedian Munawwar Farooqui won the title of TV reality show Lock Up, after which he has become quite popular. Social media sensation Anjali Arora was also seen in this show. Both of them were seen very close to each other in the show, due to which there were also reports that both are in a relationship, but both of them later made it clear that they are just good friends. According to a report, the two were going to work together again in a project, but Munawwar Farooqui refused to work with Anjali.

Munawar Faruqui: Munawar Faruqui refuses to work with Anjali Arora after MMS leak

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