‘Manish Tiwari is unfaithful, has destroyed his own party’, Congress leader’s statement. Manish Tewari is unfaithful, destroyed his own party: MP Congress leader

 'Manish Tiwari is unfaithful, has destroyed his own party', Congress leader's statement.  Manish Tewari is unfaithful, destroyed his own party: MP Congress leader

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Ravi Shankar Prasad and Manish Tewari

Manish Tewari: Madhya Pradesh Congress General Secretary Sajjan Singh Verma on Thursday questioned the party’s election process for the party’s Lok Sabha MP. Manish Tewari (Manish Tewari) criticized. Verma called Tiwari a “treacherous person” and accused him of destroying his own party. Verma raised the question at a time when the party’s interim president Sonia Gandhi’s mother has passed away. He reprimanded Tiwari, saying that instead of expressing condolences and support to the top party leader, he was raising questions on him.

‘Tiwari wants only one post in the party and nothing else’

He said, “Such activities are not creating unity within the party, but giving an opportunity to the BJP to attack the Congress. If someone wants to contest for the posts in the party, he has to go to the state or national party. Electoral forms should be taken from the headquarters. His remarks show that Tiwari wants only one post in the party and nothing else.” Verma said that Tiwari took advantage of the Congress throughout his life. “There is no problem in raising the question. But keeping it out in the open on social media and at a time when Sonia Gandhi lost her mother, instead of condoling her, he is questioning her,” he said.

Tiwari raised questions on Congress President’s election
Verma’s remarks came a day after Tiwari raised issues about the election process after the Congress announced the schedule for the election of the party president in a series of tweets on Wednesday. Tewari raised the question through tweets, “How can there be a fair and free election without a publicly available voter list? The essence of a fair and free process is the names and addresses of voters, to be published on the website of INCIndia in a transparent manner.” should.”

Tiwari said, “Why should one visit every PCC office in the country to know who the electors are? Such a club doesn’t happen even in elections. I request you to publish the complete voter list on the Congress website with fairness and transparency. If anyone wants to file his nomination then it has to be proposed by 10 Congress persons. The CEA can reject it saying that they are not valid voters.”

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