Mukhtar Ansari sentenced for the second time in 44 years of ‘crime career’, Lucknow court’s decision had to be reversed. Mukhtar Ansari Sentenced for the second time in 44 years of ‘crime career’, Lucknow court’s decision had t

 Mukhtar Ansari sentenced for the second time in 44 years of 'crime career', Lucknow court's decision had to be reversed.  Mukhtar Ansari Sentenced for the second time in 44 years of 'crime career', Lucknow court's decision had t

Mukhtar Ansari


  • Allahabad High Court sentenced Mukhtar Ansari to gangster case
  • The decision of the Lucknow Bench was also reversed, saying – this is a big mistake
  • Recently, the jailer was sentenced to seven years in the case of intimidation.

Uttar Pradesh Crime News: The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court on Friday sentenced former mafia MLA Mukhtar Ansari to five years’ imprisonment and a fine of Rs 50,000 in a 23-year-old gangster act case. The court said that even though Mukhtar has been acquitted in the cases recorded in the gang chart, but if it is proved from the evidence available on the gang chart and record that Mukhtar is a member of the gang and that he was involved in disturbing public order. Commits offense for pecuniary and other forms of gain.

Allahabad court reversed the decision of Lucknow court

Justice D.K. Singh sentenced Ansari to this sentence in the year 2020 while reversing the decision of Lucknow’s special MP-MLA court to acquit him in the case. Government advocate Rao Narendra Singh told that a case was registered against Mukhtar Ansari in the year 1999 at Hazratganj Kotwali of Lucknow and in the year 2020, Ansari was acquitted by the special MP-MLA court. After that in 2021, the government challenged this decision of the lower court in the High Court.

Second sentence in criminal history

Mafia Mukhtar Ansari has been sentenced by the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court in the 23-year-old gangster case. Mukhtar will have to pay a fine of Rs 50,000 along with a jail term of 5 years. This is the second sentence announced in Mukhtar Ansari’s 44-year criminal history. Let us tell you that Mukhtar Ansari has also been convicted in the gangster case. In this case, Ansari will have to undergo a five-year jail term and also pay a fine of Rs 50,000. The Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court has also convicted Mukhtar Ansari in a 23-year-old case under the Gangster Act.

Allahabad High Court called Lucknow’s decision a big mistake

The court said in the judgment that since Mukhtar is already in jail, there is no need to order him to surrender. In 1999, the police station in-charge Hazratganj had lodged an FIR against Mukhtar and his accomplices under the Gangster Act. Along with Mukhtar, more than a dozen of his accomplices were also made accused, but some died during the trial and some were acquitted due to lack of evidence, Mukhtar was also acquitted. Justice Singh, in his judgment, observed that the trial court made a grave mistake in acquitting Mukhtar. The court said, “The gang chart was proved against him which was a documentary evidence. Mukhtar is a gangster and commits various crimes. This evidence is sufficient to prove him guilty under section 2/3 of the Gangster Act. The court said that several FIRs and chargesheets were filed against Mukhtar, including one in the case in which the then Superintendent of Lucknow Jail RK Tiwari was murdered. The court said that the conviction or acquittal in any case does not matter to the gangster’s charges.

punishment in gangster case

Arguing on the government’s appeal against Mukhtar, Additional Government Advocates UC Verma and Rao Narendra Singh said that 22 cases against Mukhtar and his associates have been mentioned in the gang chart. Mukhtar and his accomplices have committed the crimes of heinous murders, extortion, kidnapping and extortion of ransom. His fear is so much that he cannot be punished in any case because the witnesses are turning hostile because of his fear. Government advocates argued that the Gangster Act is only for such criminals. The gang chart also contained the name of a serious criminal Abhay Singh, but he and others were either already acquitted or died. Significantly, Ansari was also sentenced to seven years in jail last Wednesday for threatening the jailer and pointing a pistol at him.

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