Rajat Sharma Blog: Chandigarh video leak scandal: The lessons we should learn | What lessons can we learn from the Chandigarh video leak case?

 Rajat Sharma Blog: Chandigarh video leak scandal: The lessons we should learn |  What lessons can we learn from the Chandigarh video leak case?

Image Source : India TV
India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma.

The video leak incident in Chandigarh University has raised many questions regarding the privacy of the girl students living in the hostels. The biggest question is whether girls should use the common washroom? Parents of girl students pursuing higher education in universities, colleges and professional institutes are concerned about the issue of privacy. This shameful incident in Punjab has created a storm of fear and outrage among the girl students and their families. All this in the wake of many rumours, which I will tell you in detail.

A post-graduation student from the university made a video of her bathing in the washroom and sent it to a boy in Himachal Pradesh. A girl living in the hostel itself saw him doing this. Soon this news spread first to the hostel and then to the students studying in the university. There were fierce protests on the university campus on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Rumors arose that objectionable videos of more than 60 girls living in university hostels were being circulated. It was also said that some videos of washrooms of university girls were put on porn sites. Hearing such things, the families of boys and girls reached the campus. Police arrested the student from the university campus and her 23-year-old boyfriend from Shimla. A 31-year-old man has also been arrested from Himachal Pradesh. Forensic experts are checking the phones of all three to see if the videos were forwarded or any chats were not deleted anywhere.

Since it was a sensitive issue related to daughters, I sent my 4 reporters to the spot. Reporters from India TV spoke to top officials of Punjab Police as well as police officers involved in the investigation, girls living in Chandigarh University hostels and their parents. In view of the seriousness of the matter, the university has been closed for a week. The students who belong to Punjab and adjoining states have been asked to vacate the hostels and go home for the time being. The police have currently arrested the accused girl and her two ‘friends’ in this case.

Both the accused have been apprehended from Himachal Pradesh and are from common homes. The name of the first accused is Sunny Mehta. He has studied till 12th standard and works in a bakery in Shimla. His father works as a laborer. The second accused has also studied till class 12th and his father also works as a laborer. The girl who has been arrested is pursuing MBA from Chandigarh University. Since there is tremendous displeasure among the people due to this matter, the Punjab Police is taking steps in it.

Chandigarh University administration of and Punjab Police It is being said again and again that till now no such evidence has been found, which can be suspected that 60 girls of the hostel Video created and circulated. But many girls living in the hostel with the accused girl are repeatedly saying that they caught the accused girl red-handed while making the video. He said the girl’s phone also contained objectionable videos. The girls are alleging that the university administration is trying to suppress the matter. The concern of the girls is justified, their anger is also not wrong, but the thing to note is that they are speaking only on the basis of what they have heard.

Our correspondent spoke to the police and university officials. It was found that the accused girl had come to the hostel only two weeks back and she did not even know most of the girls. He had made only his video in the washroom, and sent the same video to a boy he knew living in Shimla.

Mohali Rural SP Navneet Virk said that the claim of the video of 60 girls is completely false. He said that these things are being said only on the basis of speculation, on the basis of suspicion. All these things spread rapidly through social media and due to these rumors, fear spread among the family members and relatives of the girl students. Virk said, ‘She was making her video. Some girl saw him doing this and went and talked to another girl. This was told to the warden. When the warden opened the girl’s phone, there were some videos in it, which were of her own. It was assumed that he must have made videos of other girls instead of himself, but nothing like this has come to the fore yet. It was a common washroom.

Rumors spread about this because the hostel warden scolded the accused student and said that he might have made a video of other girls and sent it to his friend. The warden was accusing the girl without checking the facts. When the warden was scolding the accused girls, the girls present there were making videos of the warden. He immediately posted these videos on social media.

Since the girls of the hostel had also complained to the warden, the university administration has suspended two hostel wardens while the rest of the hostel wardens have been transferred. Our reporter Puneet Parinja spoke to a hostel student who lives on the same floor of the Le Corbusier hostel on which the accused girl’s room is. He told our reporter that he had seen the phone of the accused student and had also read the chat. The girl feared that the accused was blackmailing the girl student by her boyfriend. He also said that the girl’s phone did not contain any other objectionable video of the girl. The student told that it is impossible to make 60 videos of other girls as she had come to the hostel only 2 weeks back.

One thing is certain that the talk of making objectionable videos of 60 girls is completely baseless. Despite this, the Punjab Police does not want to take any chances. During interrogation, the police came to know that when the news of MMS spread, the boy had asked the girl to delete all the phone data and the app. The police have sent the phones of the three accused to the forensic lab to check whether any data has been deleted. Police have confirmed that the three accused knew each other for the past three years. Police will find out whether a boy named Sunny blackmails girls like this and whether he sells girls’ videos to porn sites. Punjab Police has assured that it will get to the bottom of this case and will keep the whole reality in front of the people.

The Punjab Police’s SIT on Tuesday took both the male suspects, Sunny Mehta and Rankaj Verma, to their hometowns in Himachal Pradesh to recover pen drives, computers and other equipment. Police officials suspect that the duo may have stored videos and pictures in other devices. Police are also trying to find out if the videos were shared or uploaded anywhere else on the internet. The Kharar Court in Mohali, Punjab, has already sent the three accused, including the girl, on a week’s police remand.

The police have appealed to the students and their families not to believe in rumours. Additional DGP Gurpreet Kaur Dev said that the matter is being probed in depth and so far no evidence has been found about the video other than her own video shared by the arrested student.

We must remember one thing. This matter is related to the future of our daughters. A girl made an objectionable video and a rumor went that 60 girls of the hostel were made videos. When some girls fainted while performing due to heat, it was said that 8 girls committed suicide. Sesame palm was made, a mountain of mustard was made. These rumors created a fear in the minds of the people. It is true that once the girls felt that their video was not made, but after a while they understood that it was a rumour.

Most of the girls don’t have their fear, they know how to deal with these situations, and also know how to fight these rumours. Their biggest concern is the fear of their parents, how to explain to them. Every girl started getting calls from home. His parents said that you come back home, safety is most important. The father said that if you want to study then study at home, what is the need of staying in hostel. The biggest fear is that the parents should stop teaching their daughters. It is unfortunate that so much has happened only because of rumours.

So I appeal to all to keep your eyes and ears open, be alert and don’t post what you see or hear on social media without verifying it. If this rumor had not spread on social media that 60 girls were made a video, then there would not have been such a ruckus.

The most important thing: If there is a mistake, if something goes wrong unintentionally, then there is no need to be afraid. Go to the police and file your report. Whenever there is an attempt to hide such things, blackmailers get a chance. There are many such cases these days, so beware of blackmailers. ,Rajat Sharma,

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