Rajat Sharma Blog: Why Modi asked Putin to call off the Ukraine war | Why did Modi ask Putin to end the Ukraine war?

 Rajat Sharma Blog: Why Modi asked Putin to call off the Ukraine war |  Why did Modi ask Putin to end the Ukraine war?

Image Source : India TV
India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday clearly told Russian President Vladimir Putin that ‘now is not the time for war’. He said this during a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the SCO summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on Friday. Referring to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Modi told Putin that now is the time for ‘Democracy, Dialogue and Diplomacy’.

Modi also urged Putin to take initiatives to address the problems faced by other countries such as shortage of food, fuel and fertilizers due to Ukraine war. Putin had spoken before Modi. He accepted India’s position on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and said that his country would do its best to stop the conflict at the earliest.

Modi’s appeal to Putin was the main news of the Washington Post and the New York Times web page. It was given wide coverage by the American mainstream media. The headline of the Washington Post was, ‘Modi reprimands Putin for war in Ukraine’.

The website wrote in its report, ‘Modi gives a surprising public rebuke to Putin: ‘The modern era is not the era of war and I have spoken to you on the phone about it.’ “I know your stand on the conflict in Ukraine, I am aware of your concerns, which you keep on talking about,” the report said. We are trying our best to stop it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the opposition Ukraine’s leadership announced its withdrawal from the negotiation process, saying it wanted to achieve its goal through military means, ie ‘on the battlefield’. Still, we will keep you informed about what is happening there.

The headline of ‘The New York Times’ was, ‘India’s leader tells Putin this is not a time of war’. He wrote, ‘Modi made these comments a day after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first one-on-one meeting with Putin after the Ukraine attack. Jinping adopted a more calm tone than the Russian president and tried to avoid mentioning Ukraine in his public statements.

During his meeting with Putin, Modi raised the issue of Ukraine very cleverly. Modi first thanked Ukraine and Russia for the rescue of Indian students trapped in the war and said that he was grateful to both the countries for this, but also told Putin that war is not good for anyone. Modi said war is not the solution but the problem itself.

Russia has Ukraine But it was attacked on 24 February this year. At that time Putin had said that a decision would be taken in 7 days, and Ukraine would be conquered by Russia. 7 months have passed, and Russian forces are now retreating in many areas of Ukraine. Russia’s bet has backfired. Ukraine has been completely ruined by the war, but the situation in Russia is also not good. Unemployment and inflation are rising in Russia, and it is affecting the whole world.

Crude oil and natural gas prices have risen. Ukraine and Russia together supply fertilizers around the world. India also imports fertilizers from Ukraine, but the supply of urea is stopped due to war. There is a shortage of manure and it has also affected the yield of wheat. Overall, the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia is neither good for Ukraine, nor for Russia nor for the whole world. The problem is that Russia has advanced so far that it is difficult for Putin to order the withdrawal of his army. Ukraine is also not in the mood for talks now. That is why Modi signaled to Putin that nothing will happen with stubbornness. He told Putin that the only way out could be through diplomacy and dialogue.

At the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, Modi told how India helped the rest of the world by sending vaccines and medicines. He said that India is now becoming a hub of startups, but some countries are trying to create obstacles in the progress. Modi was referring to Pakistan, which has refused to allow India to pass through ‘transit rights’ to Central Asia. India’s plan is to lay a gas pipeline from Tajikistan to Afghanistan and Pakistan, but due to the attitude of Pakistan, this project has been hanging for years. In the summit, Modi demanded that all countries should get ‘transit rights’ for better connectivity.

India had tried to help the hungry people of Afghanistan, but Pakistan was very hesitant to give way to the wheat-laden trucks. Modi’s speech was heard by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, and took a different path. He called for the inclusion of Afghanistan in the SCO. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto was present during the summit. Bhutto admitted that there was a ‘hard talk’ between Shahbaz Sharif and Narendra Modi. When Bhutto was asked whether Pakistan would participate in the SCO summit to be held in India next year, he replied that Pakistan has not decided on it yet.

putin has Modi Surprised me by saying that I know you are going to celebrate your birthday on Saturday. Putin said that according to Russian tradition, we never congratulate in advance, because it is not considered auspicious. Putin said, ‘But I would like to tell you that we have information about your birthday. According to Russian tradition, I cannot congratulate you in advance. I wish you the best. I also extend my best wishes to Russia’s friend India. ,Rajat Sharma,

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