RBI takes action on Mahindra Finance, recovery agents crushed the pregnant daughter of a farmer with a tractor. Jharkhand News RBI took action on Mahindra Finance

 RBI takes action on Mahindra Finance, recovery agents crushed the pregnant daughter of a farmer with a tractor.  Jharkhand News RBI took action on Mahindra Finance

Image Source : IANS
Farmer’s pregnant daughter was crushed to death by tractor

Jharkhand News: Reserve Bank of India (RBITaking cognizance of the incident of the pregnant daughter of a farmer being crushed to death with a tractor by the recovery agents of Mahindra & Mahindra Finance Company in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, has taken action against the company. RBI has banned any activity of recovery and repossession on behalf of the company through outsourcing agency with immediate effect. Direction in this regard has been issued to Mahindra & Mahindra Finance under Section 45L(1)(b) of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.

Point to be noted is that Hazaribagh Mahindra Finance’s recovery agents at Ichak in the district had crushed Monika Mehta, the young pregnant daughter of a differently-abled farmer Mithilesh Mehta, with a tractor on September 16. Seriously injured Monika died while being taken to Ranchi for treatment. Local people also demonstrated in front of Mahindra Finance’s office in Hazaribagh city in protest against this incident. An FIR was lodged against four recovery agents in this case.

Tractor was bought by taking loan from Mahindra Finance

According to Mithilesh Mehta, a differently-abled farmer resident of Sijua village of Ichak, he had bought a tractor in September 2018 by taking a loan from Mahindra Finance. He had paid Rs 12 lakh of the loan amount. He was unable to pay 6 EMIs of the loan due to the problems arising during Kovid. According to the notice received from the company, he had to deposit Rs 1 lakh 30 thousand along with interest. On September 13, he went to the company’s office in Hazaribagh with Rs 1 lakh 20 thousand, but he was told that now one lakh 30 thousand rupees will be deposited in a lump sum, otherwise the tractor will be confiscated.

After this, Mithilesh was preparing to return home and raise money that on September 15, the recovery agents of the company started dragging his tractor standing at a petrol pump in Sijua. When Mithilesh reached there with his married daughter, Monica, on getting information, he stopped the people carrying tractors on the way and talked to them.

Monica was three months pregnant
Mithilesh Mehta said to deposit the money immediately, but they were adamant on taking the tractor. On this, when Monica asked for his ID from a person who claimed to be the zonal manager of the company, he got furious and asked the tractor driver to trample him and increase the car. The driver did the same. According to Mithilesh Mehta, his daughter was three months pregnant. Monika’s husband Kuldeep drives in Assam. According to the Hazaribagh police, the recovery agents had not given any information before seizing the tractor.

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