Sonali Phogat: Evidence of bloody story is recorded in the white pages of the red diary, know what is the secret

Sonali Phogat: Evidence of bloody story is recorded in the white pages of the red diary, know what is the secret

Image Source : India TV
Sonali Phogat


  • 3 red diaries found from Sonali Phogat’s house
  • In this, the money invested in other states including Haryana is mentioned.
  • Sonali’s income and expenses were also mentioned in the diary.

Sonali Phogat: New information is coming out in the death of BJP leader Sonali Phogat. According to the information, the evidence of the bloody story of Sonali Phogat is recorded in the white pages of the red diary. According to sources, 3 red diaries have been found from Sonali Phogat’s house, in which Sonali keeps the bookkeeping of money given by Sudhir Sangwan. In this, there is mention of money invested in other states including Haryana. Sonali’s appointment is also written in these diaries. Sonali’s income and expenses are also mentioned in the diary. The names and numbers of some politicians are recorded in the diary. In this diary the names, numbers and names of some government bureaucrats and the workers working for Sonali are also recorded.

New revelations are happening every day, Goa Police has gathered some important evidence in Haryana

Actually, new revelations are being made every day in the case of Sonali Phogat’s death. A special team of Goa Police, who came to Haryana to investigate the death of BJP leader Sonali Phogat, has collected some important evidence. Superintendent of Police North Goa Shobhit Saxena gave this information on Friday. He said that investigation is on and Goa Police is probing from all angles to establish the motive behind the alleged murder. We are trying to find out all kinds of conspiracies based on the complaint.

According to police, Phogat’s brother Rinku Dhaka had alleged in the complaint that Sonali was murdered by her personal assistant Sudhir Sangwan in connivance with Sukwinder Singh so that he could take over her property and end her political career.

Police is leaving no stone unturned for a fair investigation

Police officer Saxena said that the special team of Goa Police which has gone to Haryana. He has ascertained some important facts and collected the evidence. He said that the police is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the investigation is fair. He said that Goa Police is getting good cooperation from its Haryana counterpart, so it is able to conduct a proper investigation.

Phogat had come to Goa on August 22 and stayed at a hotel in Anjuna. He felt uneasy on Monday night and was rushed to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Anjuna the next morning, where he was declared brought dead. According to media reports, Sonali’s PA Sudhir Sangwan had hired a person named Shivam as a computer operator at Sonali Phogat’s farm house office a week before her death. Shivam had disappeared from Sanali’s office with a laptop and CCTV recordings.

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