The company was opened taking money from mother do you know the story of Bata

The company was opened taking money from mother do you know the story of Bata

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  • Thomas’ business came to a complete standstill
  • Seeing the business growing, Thomas started opening his stores around the world.
  • By 1925, Bata had 122 stores across the world.

BATA: Bata is a brand that is known to every child in India. Many Indians think that Bata is a company of our own country. It also seems because the Hindi language is divided into very simple words, which can be easily understood or spoken. Bata has been in demand in India since time immemorial, however due to modernization, many brands have come in the Indian market in the present time, which are directly competing with Bata.

Let us tell you that Bata is a footwear manufacturing company. If we talk about the oldest footwear brand in India, then Bata’s number will come at the forefront of this list. Bata is not an Indian company. It was founded in Czechoslovakia, Central Europe. In the year 1894, Thomas Bata laid the foundation of this company. Thomas Bata was born in a very poor family. His entire family used to work in making shoes.

Started employment with money from mother
Thomas Bata’s family had become a victim of financial crisis. The whole family was very upset. In the midst of all this, he made a plan to start the business. He took two rooms in his own village. Brother, mother and sister were included in this scheme. He took 320 rupees from his mother and bought enough raw materials. Starting a business faced many challenges. During that time his brother and sister left him.

Business completely ruined
Thomas’ business came to a complete standstill. Money was wasted. Thomas was buried under debt, eventually he had to declare his company bankrupt. Thomas was completely broke after the company’s bankruptcy, he then went to England to work in a shoe shop. For Thomas, this job was a turning point in his life. He understood the shoe business very closely during the job. After this Thomas again returned to his hometown and then invested money in the shoe business.

second time success
When Thums laid the foundation of his company for the second time, this time he got success. In 1912, his company grew very rapidly. The business grew so fast that they had to hire 600 workers. Everyone started getting attracted by the specialty of Bata. Due to being very comfortable and durable, people have become craze to wear Bata. To meet the demand, Thomas set up a store in his own city. Although there was a slight setback in trade due to World War I during this period, but to deal with it, Bata reduced its prices by 50 percent, after which the shoes started selling more. As soon as the price was reduced, there was a profit of 15% in his business.

How did Bata come to India?
Seeing the business growing, Thomas started opening his stores around the world. By 1925, Bata had 122 stores across the world. Seeing the profit in footwear, Thomas also tried his hand in the stocking and tire industry. After the death of the father, the son took over the business. It is said that when he came to India in search of better leather, he noticed that almost people in India did not have shoes. In view of all these things, Bata laid the foundation in Kolkata, India. The demand for Bata shoes has increased a lot in India. The demand increased so much that the company was not able to meet the demand of the customers. The same 4000 separate employees were kept who started making footwear related to tennis and sports. Let us tell you that Bata’s business is spread in 90 countries.

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