Uttarakhand’s biggest ‘Vyapam’ scam, 33rd arrest in paper leak case. Uttarakhand’s biggest ‘Vyapam’ scam, 33rd arrest in paper leak case

 Uttarakhand's biggest 'Vyapam' scam, 33rd arrest in paper leak case.  Uttarakhand's biggest 'Vyapam' scam, 33rd arrest in paper leak case

PRD employee Sanjay Rana


  • 33rd arrest in Uttarakhand paper leak case
  • PRD employee Sanjay Rana arrested in the case
  • The wife was selected by getting the paper photocopied

UKSSC Paper Leak Case: The 33rd arrest took place on Saturday in the UKSSC paper leak case. The STF also arrested Sanjay Rana, a resident of PRD employee posted in the commission, in Matla district, Chamoli. The accused along with former PRD employee Manoj Joshi got a photocopy of the leaked question paper from Lucknow in his house and got his wife selected by giving the question paper. The Special Task Force arrested the accused on the basis of the statements of witnesses and technical evidence. Photocopy machine and CPU have been recovered from the possession of the accused. He was appointed as PRD employee in UKSSC from the year 2014 to 2022 April.

33rd arrest in the case

Actually, these days in Uttarakhand, there has been a ruckus due to the leak of the paper of Secretariat Guard Recruitment Exam i.e. UKSSC. The main accused arrested in this case have relations with all the big leaders of the state BJP. So far 33 people have been arrested in the paper leak scam case. Some of the accused arrested so far have previously worked as bus conductors, auto rickshaw drivers and factory workers. So at the same time it includes 3 Additional Secretary’s Assistant, Teacher, Assistant Kanishk (Junior Assistant) etc. Apart from this, former secretary Santosh Badoni has been suspended by the government. It is being told that up to Rs 200 crore transactions have taken place in this scam. Regarding this, the opposition party Congress has opened a front against the state government.

A committee of 3 member experts was constituted for the investigation.

A few days ago, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi also raised this matter, after that this matter has come under discussion at the national level. The information about this has reached the BJP central leadership. Along with this, the political atmosphere of Uttarakhand is also hot regarding the recruitments made in the Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand. For which the Speaker of the Assembly, Ritu Khandudi, has constituted a committee of 3 members experts. In this export committee, Dilip Kumar Kothia has been made the chairman, Surendra Singh Rawat as the member and Avinendra Singh Nayal as the member. Along with this, the Speaker of the Assembly, taking a big decision, during the investigation, has sent the current Assembly Secretary Mukesh Singhal on leave till further orders. Along with this, they have been instructed to cooperate in the investigation.

Let us tell you about the main accused and his associates in the UKSSC case.

The mastermind of UKSSC scam is a person named Hakam Singh Rawat. There are pictures of Rawat with many big leaders including former Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat. Rawat is said to have amassed a considerable amount of wealth in a short span of time. Hakam Singh Rawat has been a member of Zilla Panchayat in Uttarkashi district. Hakam Singh Rawat had rented a house in Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh, where he had called SSC aspirants a day before the commencement of the examination and helped them by giving them leaked papers by taking Rs.15 lakh each. Had it. Apart from Hakam Singh Rawat, many people including Kendrapal, Chandan Manral, Manoj Joshi, Jagdish Goswami have been arrested in this case.

accused centerman

A person named Kendrapal, arrested by the STF, is associated with the paper leak work and fraud mafia for a long time. It was the Kendrapal who had brought Hakam Singh Rawat in this work. The two met in 2011. Kendrapal used to drive an auto rickshaw in 1996. After that he opened a clothing shop in Dhampur. But in 2011 he came in contact with the leakers of the paper.

accused Chandan Manral

Another important accused in this case is Chandan Manral. Chandan Manral, another person caught in this scam by the STF, met the Kendrapal in the year 2012. Chandan Manral is a resident of Ramnagar and has assets worth at least Rs 100 crore. Manral was earlier a bus conductor and for 30 years he continued to work as a bus conductor. After this he bought his own bus and also started a transport agency. After meeting the Kendrapal, his wealth increased manifold.

accused Jagdish Goswami

Another person caught in this scam Jagdish Goswami is the son of Gopal Babu Goswami, a famous folk singer of Uttarakhand. Goswami also worked in the film Jab We Met a few years back. Goswami is accused of bringing the candidates who leaked the paper from their area to the house rented by Hakam Singh Rawat in Dhampur. Another person Manoj Joshi is a resident of Almora and had earlier worked in a factory in Lucknow for 12 years. After the fierce uproar, the Dhami government of Uttarakhand formed the Special Task Force (STF). STF SSP Ajay Singh said that the investigating agency ED has been informed about the properties of the accused.

Dhampur becomes center of paper leak

SSP Ajay Singh said that the ED has sought information in this matter and we will provide the information to them. He said that action will be taken against all the accused in this case under the Goondas Act and their properties will be confiscated. According to STF SSP Ajay Singh, Dhampur remains the center in the paper leak of this examination. Hakam had made Lalit Raj Sharma’s house a center. More than 100 candidates were given solved paper here. One by one all the accused are being questioned. Statements of several candidates have also been recorded. Now the name of Rajveer resident of Laksar was also appearing in these. He had gone to Hakam Singh’s center with many candidates. Here he gave them the paper and reminded them. After this, he took them from his vehicle to the examination centers and brought them back. Many people have given statements against him. On this basis, he was arrested on Friday. He is Junior Assistant in Polytechnic Hindolakhal, Tehri Garhwal. The accused has been produced in the court and sent to jail. Information is being gathered about his associates.

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