‘We are with Yogi government’, Arshad Madani said on the decision of survey of mosques

'We are with Yogi government', Arshad Madani said on the decision of survey of mosques

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Arshad Madani


  • ‘We are with Yogi Sarkar’
  • Arshad Madani said on the decision of survey of mosques
  • Said to cooperate with mosque operators

Darul Uloom, an Islamic educational institution based in Deoband in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district, on Sunday praised the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision to conduct a survey of unrecognized madrassas. At the same time, he said that the entire system should not be blamed by looking at the functioning of a few madrasas which are not functioning properly. Maulana Arshad Madani, president of Jamiat-Ulama-e-Hind, who attended the meeting, made an important remark on the occasion and said that if a madrasa is built on any government land, it should be removed himself.

In a conference organized at Rashid, the famous Masjid of Deoband on Sunday, Darul Uloom clarified his stand regarding the survey of unrecognized madrassas by the state government. Managers and Ulama from different madrasas of Uttar Pradesh participated in this conference. Talking to reporters after the conference, Maulana Arshad Madani said that no one has any objection to the survey being conducted by the government. He said, “We appreciate the survey of the government and the pictures that have come so far are correct.”

Please help madrasa director

Madani also said in response to a question that if a madrasa is built illegally on any government land and it is declared illegal by the court, then the Muslims should remove it themselves, because the Shariat allows it. Doesn’t give Madani called upon the madrasa operators to cooperate in the survey and said that nothing is hidden inside madrasas and their doors are always open to all. He said that madrasas are run under the constitution of the country, so madarsa directors should give complete and correct information while cooperating in the survey being conducted by the Uttar Pradesh government.

The president of Jamiat-Ulama-e-Hind said that it is the right of the government to survey the madrassas and madrasa managers should cooperate in this work, but if any madrasa is on government land, then break it yourself. Madani said, “In the conference, we have said that the madrasa operators should keep their documents and land papers complete, pay attention to the audit, cleanliness and health of the children etc. It is not against and if one or two madrassas are not functioning properly then the entire madrassa system should not be blamed for that.

‘We don’t need to be afraid and panic’

Madani said that in the conference, the media and officials have been asked to keep a positive attitude towards the madrassas, as well as to all the responsible people present in the conference, highlighting the history of these madrassas, to cooperate in the survey and to give correct information about the madrassas. And an appeal has been made to give complete information. He said, “We need not fear and panic, as madrasas have played an important role in independence and nation building.” Was placed.

16 thousand private madrasas are operating

A 12-member steering committee has also been constituted in this conference. Significantly, on August 31, the Uttar Pradesh government had ordered a survey of all unrecognized private madrassas operating in the state. For this, the work of forming the team by September 10 has been completed. According to the order, it has been asked to complete the survey by October 15 and submit the report to the government by October 25. At present, about 16,000 private madrasas are operating in the state, including world famous Islamic educational institutions Nadwatul Ulama and Darul Uloom Deoband. The management and operators of private madrasas have expressed various apprehensions regarding this decision. A meeting of Jamiat-Ulam-e-Hind was also held in Delhi on September 6 regarding this, in which it was said that if the government wants to conduct a survey, then it should be done, but there should be no interference in the internal affairs of madrassas.

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