Why chameleon change color reason behind

Why chameleon change color reason behind

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Chameleons Color


  • The chromatophores cells present in the skin of chameleons are
  • Helps in changing color according to the environment
  • Keeps changing its color according to gesture

Chameleons Color: You all must have been listening since childhood that chameleon changes color. A proverb related to it is also often spoken. When you get angry with someone, you say cursing him that he changes color like a chameleon. After all, have you ever wondered why this happens? Suddenly the chameleon turns from green to red and yellow to white. So let’s know why chameleons change color.

How do colors change?

You must have noticed that if a chameleon is on a green leaf, it changes itself to that color. A chameleon often does this when it feels threatened. He takes this step to avoid his enemies. Due to which the hunter is not able to find out. Apart from this, many times the chameleon also changes its color to hunt. The same male chameleon changes color to attract the female chameleon towards him.

What is Scientific Region?
According to scientists, the chameleon keeps on changing its color according to the gestures of its emotions. In this time, scientists told that chameleons change their color to talk to each other, anger, aggression and to explain their mood to other animals. At the same time, it was found in a research that chameleons never change color, they change their brightness. Apart from this, it was also told in research that they also change their size. That is, they have the ability to make themselves smaller or bigger.

What causes the color to change?
A research found that the chromatophores present in the skin of chameleons are cells, due to which it helps them to change color according to the environment. Chameleons usually do their best to blend into the background. But when adult males find themselves facing an opponent, they rapidly switch to bold colors, for example, changing from green to yellow. In this regard, other scientists had suggested that they could do this by rotating the pigments in their skin cells.

Researchers report in Nature Communications online that chameleons change color by rearranging a mesh of nanocrystals in one of the top layers of skin cells. These cells, called iridophores, are tiny crystals made of guanine, one of the nucleic acid building blocks of DNA. Nanocrystals have a highly ordered arrangement, which typically causes them to strongly reflect a single color of light, such as green.

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