1545 deaths so far in Pakistan due to flood of devastation, begging for mercy from other countries

1545 deaths so far in Pakistan due to flood of devastation, begging for mercy from other countries

Image Source : India TV
flood crisis in Pakistan


  • 552 children and 315 women were among those who lost their lives.
  • Damage to 20 lakh houses, Pakistan is unable to save its people
  • Pakistan is not able to save its people

Flood Crisis in Pakistan: The total number of people who died due to rain and floods in Pakistan has reached 1545. However, these are only official figures. According to local people, three-four times more people have lost their lives in Pakistan. But instead of saving the lives of its people, Pakistan is busy playing in the death figures and begging for mercy. Now the question arises that how long will other countries continue to beg for mercy to Pakistan and how many lives will it be able to save by this.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has said that the death toll due to monsoon rains and floods in Pakistan since mid-June has risen to 1,545, while 12,860 people have been injured. According to a report released by the NDMA on Saturday evening, 552 children and 315 women were among those who lost their lives in different rain or flood-related accidents in the country.

Most deaths occurred in Sindh province

Sindh province is the most affected area, where 678 people have lost their lives due to the floods, Xinhua news agency quoted NDMA as saying. After this, 306 and 299 people have died in North-West Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and South-West Balochistan provinces respectively. Apart from these, 9,43,909 animals have also lost their lives.

20 lakh houses damaged
The NDM report states that 1,943,978 houses have been destroyed in different parts of Pakistan. It is evident that more than five times as many people have become homeless, who are becoming victims of disease and starvation. There is no one to pay attention to them. Many people have to take food on demand. At the same time, 12,735 km of roads and 375 bridges have been damaged due to the floods. According to the data published by the NDMA, 81 districts and an estimated 33,046,329 people have been affected by the floods.
Rescue and relief operations by NDMA, other government organisations, volunteers and non-government organizations are underway in the flood affected area.

Pakistan is not able to save its people
These days Pakistan has left its people to die. Thousands of people have not received any help since the beginning. People are dying of hunger and disease, but the government of Pakistan is not able to give them any help. Pakistan has nothing left, but it has become a beggar in a single flood. Pakistan is roaming around and begging from other countries. Due to this, now other countries have also started shying away from Pakistan. After all, for how long will they keep saving other countries by begging Pakistan?

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