America will give $ 1.1 help to Taiwan to loosen China’s stutter, military strength will increase

America will give $ 1.1 help to Taiwan to loosen China's stutter, military strength will increase

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  • Announcement of big help to Taiwan left China sweating
  • $665 million for radar and $355 for missiles
  • China opposed Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

America Taiwan: The US has announced help to Taiwan to remove China’s hackney. China has put a lot of pressure on Taiwan in recent times. Sometimes military exercises and sometimes missiles, have tried to intimidate Taiwan with such antics. In such a situation, America stands together to protect Taiwan. This is not the case with China. Now the US has announced a new arms package of $ 1.1 billion, boosting Taiwan’s defense amid rising tensions with Taiwan and China. This big announcement has been made after US MP Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan recently. In fact, China opposed Nancy’s visit and threatened America and Taiwan. Then China even threatened America and Taiwan of dire consequences. Not only this, China had started war exercises on the Taiwan border from the very next day itself. There is still an atmosphere of tension between China and Taiwan and there is always the possibility of a war starting anytime. In the midst of this danger, this help of America can prove to be very important for Taiwan.

America is giving money to increase Taiwan’s military strength

The package includes $665 million for an early radar warning system to help Taiwan track incoming missiles and $355 for 60 advanced Harpoon missiles. The US says that it is giving such a huge amount to Taiwan to stop China’s military, diplomatic and economic pressure against Taiwan.

Announcement of big help to Taiwan left China sweating

Meanwhile, tensions continue between Taiwan and China. China is continuously carrying out military activities in the territory of Taiwan. Recently, a Chinese drone entered the Taiwan border. However, Taiwan is also responding to China’s challenges in the same harsh language. This is the reason why the Taiwanese army opened fire on the Chinese drone when the Chinese drone entered. Taiwan is calling it a warning action on its part. The Taiwanese military said it had fired a warning shot at Chinese drones flying over its posts near the Chinese coast. Taiwan is determined to respond to any provocation by China.

Drone was flying 15 km off the coast of China

The Taiwanese military said in a statement issued here that the force took this step after seeing a drone flying over the Kinman Islands on Tuesday. The Dudan island of this archipelago over which the drone was flying is about 15 kilometers off the coast of China. After the shooting, the drone returned to the nearby Chinese city of Xiamen, according to the statement. The incident comes after heightened tensions after China launched missiles, fighter jets and ships earlier this month.

It is noteworthy that since the visit of US Representative Nancy Pelosi to Taipei in early August, military pressure is being put on Taiwan by China.

What is China’s problem with Taiwan?

China’s military exercise was strongly criticized by Taiwan’s main ally, the US, as well as countries such as Australia and Japan. Recently, some missiles fired by China also fell in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Japan. Taiwan controls the Kinman and Matsu Islands in the Taiwan Strait. Meanwhile, the governor of the US state of Arizona, Doug Ducey, was visiting Taiwan to discuss semiconductor production. Their effort is to persuade Taiwanese suppliers to set up a new $12 billion unit of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation in Arizona. The governor of the state of Indiana also visited Taiwan last week for the same purpose.

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