Amidst the economic crisis in Britain, fans of the royal family speed up the tourism of London, read the details

Amidst the economic crisis in Britain, fans of the royal family speed up the tourism of London, read the details

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  • The eyes of the world will be on the funeral program
  • Funeral will be done on Monday
  • People coming to pay tribute are promoting tourism related businesses

A large number of royal fans have gathered in London to bid a final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II. Due to this, huge crowd is being seen in restaurants and hotels here. The UK economy is currently on the verge of recession due to high inflation and geopolitical tensions. At such a time, people coming to pay tribute to Elizabeth are promoting tourism-related businesses. Many of these people have come from faraway America and India.

The eyes of the world will be on the funeral program

Kanakkant Benedict, who came from India, said ‘You know, this is a historic moment. It happens once in a lifetime. So we became a part of this moment. He has come with his wife. The world is watching the events related to the funeral of Elizabeth, the longest-reigning monarch in Britain.

Funeral will be done on Monday

The flower and souvenir shops near Buckingham Palace are crowded. He will be cremated with state honors on Monday. Meanwhile demand for hotel rooms in central London has soared and in some cases doubled in price. According to, a London-based group booking platform, up to 95 percent of rooms are full. Similarly, some tourists reported that their food and drink expenses have gone up by 30 percent.

Following the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, the British government on Friday stopped more people from joining the queue after seeing a long queue of mourning people. The government took this step a few hours before the arrival of Maharaja Charles III and his siblings at the historic Westminster Hall. The live tracker giving information about the queue said that the queue has become long and has reached its capacity and people have been ‘barred’ from being part of the queue for six hours, as the waiting clock is up to 14 hours. has increased and the queue of the mourning public to see the Queen has become five miles, that is, eight kilometers long.

From Parliament to South London the crowd is the crowd

The Queen’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that this line has reached from Parliament to Southwark Park in South London and then in a winding position around the park. London resident Caroline Quilty said she joined the queue at 4 a.m. on Friday. “I believe this is a historic moment and if I do not attend or be a part of it, I will definitely regret it,” she said. Access to the historic hall of Parliament where the late Queen’s coffin is kept was barred.

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