Biden furious with Putin’s threats, said – ‘Will stand against Russia’s attack’ – US president joe biden on Russia vladimir putin speech amid ukraine war attack threat

Biden furious with Putin's threats, said - 'Will stand against Russia's attack' - US president joe biden on Russia vladimir putin speech amid ukraine war attack threat

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Vladimir Putin-Joe Biden


  • Biden furious after Putin’s speech
  • Told to unite against the attack
  • Called the ongoing war with Ukraine unnecessary

Vladimir Putin-Joe Biden: Western countries are looking at what Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his speech a day ago as a direct threat. After his words, there has been a reaction from all the countries. The US, Britain and Ukraine have strongly criticized Putin. Where on the one hand Putin said, ‘Those who make such statements about Russia, I want to remind them that in our country also there are many means of destruction, which are more modern than NATO countries. When the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will use all means available to us to defend Russia and our people. Putin said this in reference to “statements by top representatives of NATO countries about the possibility of using nuclear weapons of genocide against Russia”.

Unnecessary war with Ukraine – Biden

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden said, ‘We will stand united against Russia’s attack.’ He said on Wednesday that Russia had “shamefully violated the basic principles” of the United Nations Charter by engaging in a “brutal and needless” war with Ukraine. During his address to the United Nations, Biden strongly condemned the Russian attack, saying there are “heartbreaking” reports of Russia’s atrocities against civilians in Ukraine. He said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new threat to attack Europe with nuclear weapons shows that Russia is irresponsibly flouting its provisions despite being a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement on Wednesday of a partial deployment of 300,000 reserve troops, Biden said the move was being opposed in Russia. Biden said in his address, “A permanent member of the United Nations Security Council has attacked his neighbor, attempted to wipe a sovereign nation off the map.” Russia has shamefully violated the basic principles of the UN Charter. Biden called on all countries to speak out against Russia’s “brutal, unnecessary war” and strengthen Ukraine’s efforts to defend itself.

5,937 soldiers of Russia died

Putin said, ‘We are talking about only partial deployment, such citizens who are in reserve will be mandatory deployment. Even amongst the first who have served in the armed forces, they have experience and skills, they will come. The Russian Defense Minister said that so far 5,937 Russian soldiers have been killed and 61,207 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in military operations with Ukraine. The West estimates that much more of its soldiers have died in the war than Moscow claims. “Given the threats we face, the decision to make a partial deployment is justified in order to protect our country, its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Putin said.

Earlier in the day, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed plans to hold referendums in Russia’s occupied eastern and southern parts of Ukraine as “blatant nonsense”. At the same time, he thanked allies of Ukraine for condemning this exercise, which is going to start from Friday. Addressing the nation during the night, Zelensky said that there are many questions about the plan. At the same time, he stressed that he could not change commitments to take back territories occupied by Russian forces.

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