During the Ukraine war, people have been stripped of the despicable acts, read the sensational report of the UN

During the Ukraine war, people have been stripped of the despicable acts, read the sensational report of the UN

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Human rights violation in Ukraine


  • Sexual offenses against four-year-olds to 82-year-olds
  • Russian soldiers committed painful crimes against local citizens
  • Ukraine also committed inhuman act with two Russian soldiers

Human rights violation in Ukraine war: Your heart will burst, your mind will be stunned and your veins will boil to know about the atrocities done to the local citizens during the fierce war that has been going on for nearly seven months between Russia and Ukraine. The UN’s top human rights body has given a very sensational report about human rights violations in Ukraine. In this report, it has been claimed to have found evidence of countless inhuman acts being done to people by stripping them. This has caused a stir in the whole world.

Let us tell you that Ukraine has been accusing Russia of various types of torture and unaccounted crimes by the soldiers of the enemy country along with its local citizens from the beginning. When the team of experts appointed to find out the truth of these allegations went to Ukraine to investigate, knowing the truth, the ground shook under the feet of the investigators. On Friday, the investigative team said that its preliminary investigation has found serious evidence of war crimes in the country.

heinous act of stripping people

Experts from the Commission of Inquiry appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council have so far focused their investigation on four regions – Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy. Nearly seven months after Russia launched an attack on Ukraine, experts in their study have cited conversations with people detained in the past. According to the report, people were assaulted, given electric shocks and forcibly stripped in detention centers in Russia. Along with this, many other types of torture were given.

Sexual offenses against four-year-olds to 82-year-olds
According to Moose, all limits of vandalism were crossed with the local people. The extent was reached when Russian soldiers committed sexual or sexual offenses with children from four years old to 82 years old. What could be more shameful that even children and the elderly were not spared. The investigation team has said that although the number of these soldiers is not clear. But it turns out that sexual and sexual offenses have been committed.

also accused of brutal murders
Commission chairman Eric Moose said, “There were also large numbers of casualties in the areas we visited. The commission is presently investigating cases of such killings in 16 cities and settlements.” Moose said his team has come to know of authentic allegations of many more murder cases and they are being registered. He said investigators visited 27 cities and settlements and cemeteries and torture centers. Interacted with more than 150 victims and witnesses. Also met social groups and government officials. “On the basis of the evidence compiled by the commission, it has been concluded that war crimes have occurred in Ukraine,” Moose said, although he did not specify which side of the war committed the alleged crimes. Moose said the team also studied two incidents of mistreatment of Russian soldiers by Ukrainian forces.

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