Flying Bike Technology Now your bike will become a helicopter while on the road, know the price and launch date

Flying Bike Technology Now your bike will become a helicopter while on the road, know the price and launch date

Image Source : India TV
Flying Bike


  • The flight will fly up to 150 km in an hour
  • Japan’s Airwins company made the world’s first flying bike
  • Will be ready for sale from the US market from the year 2023

Flying Bike Technology: If you are fond of riding a bike and many times you get stuck in a jam, then it becomes a cause of stress. But just think, how would it feel in such a situation if your bike flew across the entire traffic and then started walking on an empty road? …. Probably very good and unimaginable. But Japanese scientists have proved this hypothesis to be true. That is, while walking on the road, whenever you want, you can make your bike into a helicopter and fly it in the air. You can land again on the road whenever you want. How all this is going to be possible and how a bike will take the form of a helicopter moving on the road, let us tell you in detail about this.

Japanese scientists have succeeded in making the world’s first flying bike. This success of Japan has filled the world with the imagination of adventure. This bike made by Japanese scientists was also displayed at an Auto Expo show in America. During this, the bike surprised everyone by flying in the air like a helicopter.

Can fly up to 100 km in 40 minutes

Airvins company of Japan has made this flying bike. The purpose of making it is to fly from there after getting stuck in a jam and then land on the empty road. This bike can fly up to a maximum of 100 kilometers in 40 minutes. That is, according to this, it can cover a distance of up to 150 kilometers in an hour. It has been named Turismo Hover Bike.

Key Features of the bike
Ability to fly 100 km in 40 minutes
Cost 777 thousand dollars i.e. six crore rupees
The weight of the bike is around 300 kg
Japan’s start up Airwins company is the manufacturer
Engine – powered by petrol fuel

Will come in the global market in the year 2023
According to Shuhei Komatsu, founder and CEO of Airwins Technology, his company has achieved this success after working on it for many years. It is a very exciting and exciting success. The bike has been a complete success in the trial. Now soon it will be launched for sale in the market. The company has claimed that it will start selling it from the US from the year 2023. After that gradually it will be available in the global market as well. That is, then the access of this bike will also be available to the common people.

Altitude technology bike cost Rs 6 crore
According to Shuhei, the bike has been made with Altitude technology. Propellers have also been used in this. So that through it the balance of the bike in the air remains. The propellers placed around the bike help keep the bike balanced in the air as well as in flight. There is no risk of accident due to this. People who are fond of riding bikes will have to spend six crore rupees for this.

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