Hindu temple attacked in Smethwick UK raised slogans of Allah Hu Akbar

Hindu temple attacked in Smethwick UK raised slogans of Allah Hu Akbar

Image Source : TWITTER
Hindu temple attacked in Smethwick


  • Hindus attacked again in UK
  • More than 200 people raised slogans of ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ outside the temple.
  • An organization named ‘Apna Muslim’ had gathered a crowd

Hindus are being targeted these days in a part of England. Earlier, Hindus were targeted in the city of Leicester, now the same was seen in Smethwick, England. Here more than 200 people demonstrated outside a Hindu temple and raised slogans of Allah Hu Akbar. These protesters even tried to enter the temple, however, the police stopped them from doing so. Actually, this controversy all over England started after India Pakistan match in Asia Cup.

Slogans were being raised by Allah Hu Akbar

The video of this entire high voltage uproar in England is now viral on social media. It can be clearly seen in this video how many people have gathered outside the Durga Bhawan Hindu Center located in the spawn lane and creating a ruckus. The people who are creating ruckus are also shouting slogans of Allah Hu Akbar outside the temple. Even these people were seen trying to forcibly enter the temple.

An organization named ‘Apna Muslim’ had gathered a crowd

According to the reports published in the media there, this entire protest was arranged by an organization named ‘Apna Muslim’. The social media account of the same organization had called for a peaceful protest outside the Durga Bhavan temple on Tuesday.

Hindu and Muslim community appeals for goodwill

After the riots in the British city of Leicester in East England, Hindu and Muslim community leaders have appealed for goodwill together on Tuesday. At the same time, the police have arrested 47 people so far in connection with the violent clashes after the India-Pakistan cricket match. Pradyuman Das, president of the city’s ISKCON temple, read a statement with leaders of the Muslim community outside a mosque in the city, expressing “sad” over the violence over the weekend. Community leaders have demanded that the “hate-provoking” leave Leicester and that the incitement and violence be stopped immediately.

“Our message to anyone who sows hatred between us is clear – we will not allow you to succeed,” the statement said. We ask everyone to respect equally the sanctity of religious places including mosques and temples. According to the statement, the acts of provocation, whether it is playing loud music, raising flags, raising abusive slogans or making attacks, should be stopped. It says, ‘This is not acceptable, nor do our religions say so.’ “We are a strong family, whatever concerns we may have, we will work together to resolve them,” the statement said. We do not need the help of people from outside in the city. There is no place in Leicester for foreign extremist ideology that creates division.

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