India help to Srilanka: India’s lifeline to Sri Lanka

India help to Srilanka: India's lifeline to Sri Lanka

Image Source : India TV
India help to Srilanka


  • India has helped up to $ 4 billion since January
  • Sri Lanka was devastated by the economic slowdown
  • India has given the biggest help so far to Sri Lanka

India help to Srilanka: India will continue to support its neighboring country Sri Lanka in every possible way for its speedy economic recovery and development. The Indian High Commission has given this information after a media report came on Tuesday. The media report said that India does not plan to provide new financial assistance to this troubled country. While India has given assistance of about four billion dollars to Sri Lanka this year. According to sources, this rumor is being spread by China. So that Sri Lanka starts living as a hanger of China. China has also kept Pakistan its hanger by giving loans and help. Now the condition of Pakistan has also become that of beggars.

In response to this rumour, the Indian High Commission said, “We would like to emphasize that India has provided bilateral assistance of about $ 4 billion this year to address the difficulties faced by the people of Sri Lanka. India has also urged other bilateral and multilateral partners to help Sri Lanka overcome its current economic difficulties. In response to a report that India is no longer providing economic support to Sri Lanka, the High Commission said in a statement, “We will continue to support Sri Lanka in all possible ways, especially for Sri Lanka’s speedy economic recovery and development there.” Long-term investment from India in key economic sectors will be promoted.

India’s many projects going on with Sri Lanka

It said that we have bilateral development cooperation projects worth $ 3.5 billion in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans are also availing scholarships for higher education and skill training in premier Indian institutions. These aspects of our close and long-standing cooperation with Sri Lanka will also contribute to Sri Lanka’s efforts to address the current economic difficulties. India has been the most helping country to its southern neighbor this year. The Indian government’s aid to beleaguered Sri Lanka has reached nearly $4 billion since January this year. Sri Lanka and the IMF signed a preliminary agreement in early September for a loan of about $2.9 billion.

China was upset with India’s announcement
China wants to keep it under its control by spreading rumors against India in Sri Lanka, but India not only clarified its stand on these rumors, but also said that it will help Sri Lanka if needed further. Due to this announcement, all the four people of China have become upset. China now does not understand how to instigate Sri Lanka against India. India is by far the number one country that has provided the most financial aid to Sri Lanka. China is at number two.

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