Iran ‘serious’ over nuclear deal

Iran 'serious' over nuclear deal

Image Source : AP
Iran President Ebrahim Raisi


  • Iran gets serious about nuclear deal
  • Asked for a guarantee not to flee America again
  • refused to trust America

Iran Nuclear Deal: Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi said on Wednesday that his country is “serious” about restoring the deal that halted the nuclear program. But at the same time he questioned whether America’s commitment to reaching an agreement can be relied upon? The then US President Donald Trump withdrew the US in 2018 from a deal mediated by the Obama administration. Iran then stopped following the limits on nuclear enrichment under the deal.

Iranian President Raisi has addressed the UN General Assembly at a time when negotiations on the nuclear deal have reached a crucial stage. “Our only wish is to fulfill the commitments,” Raisi said. He underlined that the US had pulled out of the deal and not Iran. He questioned whether Iran can trust without guarantees and assurances that America will fulfill its commitments this time? European Union (EU) officials have warned that time is running out to save the deal.

What does the nuclear deal say?

This 2015 agreement put a stop to Iran’s nuclear program and in return, Iran was given relief from the sanctions imposed on it. Raisi also said that Iran’s nuclear activities are investigated unilaterally while the nuclear programs of other nations remain confidential. He was saying this in the context of Israel. He also told world leaders present at the General Assembly that Iran wants good relations with all neighbours. He was referring to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries with whom Iran does not have good relations.

Saudi Arabia and Iran held talks

Although Saudi Arabia and Iran have held direct talks several times after Joe Biden took office in the US, tensions between the two countries still remain. Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently reopened its embassy in Tehran and has also sent its ambassador there. Raisi has also condemned the sanctions imposed on Iran. He says that this is to punish the people of Iran.

Controversy over Iran’s demand

The US has said Iran is making “unacceptable demands” beyond the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran signed a nuclear deal in 2015 with the US, France, Germany, Britain, Russia and China. The then US President Donald Trump announced America’s withdrawal from the agreement in 2018. “The heart of the Iran deal is a figment of the imagination, which says that this killer regime only wants a peaceful nuclear energy program,” he said. There is definite evidence that this promise of Iran is false.

Since then Iran has once again started expanding its nuclear program. Earlier in this case, US President Joe Biden said that the US will not “wait forever” for Iran for a derailed nuclear deal.

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