Japan Super Typhoon Nanmadol storm caused havoc 9 million people were homeless


Japan Super Typhoon Nanmadol storm - India TV Hindi News
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Japan Super Typhoon Nanmadol storm


  • About 350,000 homes have no electricity
  • Nearly 600 flights were canceled by Japan Airlines
  • 2 people died due to the storm

Japan: Super Typhoon Nanmadol is causing havoc in Japan. The news of the death of 2 people is coming due to this storm. You can guess the danger of the storm from the fact that the local administration has asked more than 9 million people to come out of their homes.

Super Typhoon Nanmadol, which is considered one of the most dangerous storms. Because of this, the situation in Japan has worsened. According to the report, in Fukuoka Prefecture, a man who was on his way to take shelter from the storm died. Another man was found dead after being pulled from a car that was submerged in a flooded field in Miyazaki Prefecture, according to local officials. According to the Miyazaki Preferal Officer, a 40-year-old man is reported missing.

Nearly 600 flights were canceled by Japan Airlines

This is the 14th hurricane of this year in Japan. It was moving at a speed of about 20 kmph near Hagi in Yamaguchi Prefecture on Monday afternoon. It had an atmospheric pressure of 975 hectopascals at its center, with winds of 108 kilometers per hour with a maximum of 162 kilometers per hour. Local media reports that more than 70 people were injured amid bad weather, with bullet trains suspended in Kyushu on Monday and about 600 flights canceled by the country’s two major airlines, ANA and Japan Airlines. .

About 350,000 homes have no electricity

The storm is expected to travel to Japan’s largest island, Honshu, by Tuesday, with the Japan Meteorological Agency issuing warnings for strong winds, high tides and mudslides. Tens of thousands of people spent Sunday night in emergency shelters and about 350,000 homes without electricity.

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