Now IAEA will monitor nuclear plants in Ukraine, know why steps had to be taken

Now IAEA will monitor nuclear plants in Ukraine, know why steps had to be taken

Image Source : India TV
Russia-Ukraine war


  • Security beefed up at Ukraine’s nuclear plants
  • International Atomic Energy Agency will monitor
  • Russia threatens to destroy Ukraine’s nuclear plants

Russia-Ukraine War update: The six-month-long fierce war between Russia and Ukraine is becoming more and more deadly. Now the matter has reached nuclear weapons. Russia fears that Ukraine might launch a nuclear attack on it. In such a situation, he is carrying out deadly explosions with the intention of damaging Ukraine’s nuclear plants. But this threatens the spread of radio radiation not only in Ukraine, but also in the surrounding countries. If nuclear plants are damaged, then not only the present generation, but the generations to come will also pay the brunt. Sensing Russian threats to Ukraine’s nuclear plants, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has now taken up the responsibility of its protection.

The IAEA has sent its security personnel to The Hague to oversee nuclear plants in Ukraine. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors have been used for risky missions, from the radioactive effects of the Fukushima disaster in Japan to Iran’s nuclear program during World War II. However, their deployment amid the war in Zaporizhzhya in Ukraine underscores a new level of danger in which the organization will attempt to avert a potentially catastrophic nuclear disaster.

IAEA has sent team to other countries also in the past

Russia’s invasion of its western neighbour, the six-month war, has led not only the IAEA, but also other international organizations to attempt to restore order around Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, hold accountability for war crimes and identify the dead. Forced to deploy the team in Tariq Rauf, the organization’s former head of verification and security, said, “This is not the first time that an IAEA team has gone into battle. The IAEA sent inspectors in 2003 during fighting in Iraq and the former Soviet republic of Georgia. .

Nuclear plant at risk of destruction
Russia is constantly attacking with tanks, missiles and fighter jets. He is not even giving up on nuclear plants. Because it fears that Ukraine may use it against Russia at the last minute. That’s why Russia wants to end it already. IAEA Director-General Rafael Mariano Grossi highlighted the risks on Thursday while leading a team for the huge plant in southern Ukraine, saying, “There were moments when we clearly heard gunshots.” Heavy machine guns, weapons, two or three times the mortar was really very worrying for all of us.” After letting the allies inside, he told reporters that the agency was “not going to withdraw” from the plant from now on and the agency Resolve to the “constant presence” of experts of the

The IAEA is not the only international organization seeking to send staff permanently to Ukraine amid the ongoing war. International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan has visited Ukraine three times, setting up an office in the country and sending investigators to conflict zones to gather evidence amid widespread reports of atrocities. The governments of nations, including the Netherlands, have sent expert investigators to assist the court.

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