Pakistan in Crisis: Now Pakistan will be killed mortally, this warning of the world’s largest organization created an earthquake

Pakistan in Crisis: Now Pakistan will be killed mortally, this warning of the world's largest organization created an earthquake

Image Source : India TV
Pakistan in Crisis


  • Pakistan is counting its last breaths
  • Pakistan is going to be in worse condition than Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan will no longer belong anywhere

Pakistan in Crisis: Is now the countdown to the end of Pakistan has started, is now the last day of Pakistan is near, is Pakistan going to become history… Will Pakistan ever be able to recover from this new crisis now? There are many such questions which have arisen after the warning given to Pakistan by the world’s largest organization. You must be wondering why and who is saying all these things. So let’s tell you.

The international organization International Mutual Fund (IMF) has made the biggest prediction so far about Pakistan’s economy. IMF has warned that soon Pakistan’s condition is going to be worse than Sri Lanka. Pakistan has become disabled these days due to its bad policies and floods. Pakistan is now expecting begging from all over the world. But even if someone gives alms, how much? According to the IMF, the last time of Pakistan is coming very soon. That is, the biggest devastation ever in Pakistan is about to come. After this, Pakistan will never be able to get up and drink water easily.

This genie will eat Pakistan

According to the IMF, the inflation rate in Pakistan has reached 27.3 percent in the month of August. This has led to a sharp rise in the prices of food items. Due to this inflation, the situation in Pakistan is going to be worse than Sri Lanka. This genie of inflation will eat Pakistan. Here too, like Sri Lanka, the process of protests can start soon. A rise in the prices of food items can lead to a situation of ‘social antagonism and instability’ in the country. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has given this warning. The Consumer Price Index (CPI), which measures inflation in Pakistan, reached 27.3 percent in August.

After 47 years, the condition of Pakistan is so bad
Inflation in Pakistan has reached such a high for the first time since 1975. The situation in a cash-strapped country comes at a time when the impact of the severe floods on the prices of food and other commodities is yet to be assessed. In a summary of the Seventh and Eighth reviews, the IMF said, “High prices of food and fuel can provoke social protest and instability.

Pakistan in Crisis

Image Source : India TV

Pakistan in Crisis

The people of Pakistan are about to take to the road against the government
The IMF’s executive board earlier this week approved the seventh and eighth review of Pakistan’s stalled $6 billion programme. Two days after this, Pakistan’s central bank State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Wednesday received a deposit of $1.16 billion to bail out the cash-strapped economy. The report, released under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF), said risks to the outlook and program implementation remain high, given the severe domestic and external environment. According to the report, apart from the risk of protests, socio-political pressure is also expected to remain high.
It may also have an impact on policy and reform implementation. Significantly, the political situation in Pakistan has remained delicate since mid-April. Then former prime minister Imran Khan was removed in a dramatic no-confidence motion. Since then, opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif has been leading the coalition government.

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