Pakistani terrorists trying to convert disaster into opportunity, are collecting donations in the name of help – Pakistanis trying to convert disaster into opportunity

Pakistani terrorists trying to convert disaster into opportunity, are collecting donations in the name of help - Pakistanis trying to convert disaster into opportunity

Image Source : AP
Pakistan Floods


  • Pakistani government had banned Lashkar
  • All concerned agencies are on alert
  • Collecting donations in the name of helping the victims

Pakistan Floods: At present Pakistan is passing through difficult times. Inflation in the country has broken the back of the common people. The same one-third of the country is in the grip of floods. Terrorists are preparing to convert this disaster into opportunity. According to the information received, they are collecting donations in the name of helping the flood victims and are plotting to shake India with this donation. When the media channels came to know about this, the Pakistani people were also surprised. Terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiper is active in the country under some other name and is collecting donations from people. After the poll was revealed, the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan also issued a statement in a hurry.

Foreign Ministry said this thing

Pakistan’s foreign ministry dismissed reports that a “banned organisation” was involved in flood relief operations. The ministry termed it as ‘promotion of India’. The Foreign Ministry said in a statement, ‘Pakistan rejects such reports. This is a part of India’s bias towards Pakistan and an attempt to mislead the international community.

Taking donations in the name of flood

According to the news of Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune, the ministry said that “Pakistan has established strong regulators to oversee flood relief operations on behalf of NGOs. Concerned agencies are on alert.Recently there were reports that Lashkar-e-Taiba is once again raising its head in Pakistan and for this it is resorting to the havoc of floods.

Change your name many times

Lashkar was banned by the Pakistani government, after which it changed its name back to Jamaat-ud-Dawa. Lashkar was the master mind of the Mumbai attack which led to the ban. After this it came under the name of Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation but it was also banned due to international pressure. According to a report by South Asia Press, now this organization is active in the name of Allah U Akbar Tehreek and is taking money from people in the name of flood relief. So that they can again hatch a new terrorist conspiracy in India.

More than 1,100 people have died so far
Pakistan may have severed trade ties with India. But after the destruction caused by the floods, he is missing India. By the way, Pakistan still takes some important life saving medicines from India. Now when it comes to saving the lives of Pakistanis again, Pakistan is looking at India with hope. Monsoon rains have wreaked havoc across Pakistan, killing nearly 1,100 people and destroying standing crops.

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