PM Modi speech in SCO Summit: Vishwaguru gave this message to the world, America also started saying such hope was from India

PM Modi speech in SCO Summit: Vishwaguru gave this message to the world, America also started saying such hope was from India

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PM Modi


  • PM Modi gave a message to the world to stay away from war
  • PM Modi’s statement being praised in America
  • If not handled, the ongoing war and tension between many countries of the world can lead to the third world war.

PM Modi speech in SCO Summit: In the SCO summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the same message to the whole world, which all countries expected from Vishwaguru. When PM Modi worked to show the mirror to the world, which went on the path of the Third World War, then the whole world including America became a fan of India. Here it is not only about Russia and Ukraine war. Rather, India’s concern is about the ongoing war between different countries all over the world. In this, examples can be taken of Iraq-Iran War, Armenia and Azerbaijan War, North Korea-South Korea War and tension between China and Taiwan etc.

In the presence of SCO countries in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, PM Modi taught the lesson of peace to the whole world. He unequivocally said during bilateral talks with Russian President Putin that this era is not of war. He also appealed to Putin to end the standoff with Ukraine, being a better friend. PM Modi met face to face after about 10 months. However, many times over the phone, PM Modi has appealed to Putin to solve the problem through peace and dialogue.

Showed the way to other countries of the world

In today’s time, there is also a lot of tension between China and Taiwan. The situation is like a war here too. On the other hand, Iraq and Iran are at loggerheads. The flames of war have erupted again in Armenia and Azerbaijan. The fire of discontent is also burning between North Korea and South Korea. In such a situation, the world seems to be moving closer to the threat of the third world war. During this, the western nation led by America and the eastern nation led by Russia have been divided into two poles. India is the only country which is not led by anyone, but has its own independent foreign policy. It is amazing of India’s strong leadership that today the country is setting its own path. PM Modi has shown the whole world that India is capable of taking its own decision as well as can show the way to other countries. That is why he gave a big message to the whole world from the SCO platform that this is not the time for war. The world has to stop this.

PM Modi is highly praised in America itself
The way India expressed its concern over the threat of war looming over the world and did not hesitate to say in front of its traditional friend Russia, Vladimir Putin, that no one could benefit from war…. India’s strong leadership has once again been accepted all over the world. America is blown away by this blatant remark of PM Modi. The US Secretary of State has said in his statement that PM Modi’s expressing concern to his friend Russia shows that the whole world is harmed by the Russo-Ukraine war. This should be stopped as soon as possible. America said that only India can do such a stupid thing, because PM Modi is a strong leader. He never hesitates to speak after himself.

India’s concern is the world’s concern
Other western countries including America have accepted that the concern expressed by India about the war is the concern of the whole world. This is also a concern of the people of Ukraine. This will increase pressure on President Putin to end the ongoing standoff with Ukraine. Because India is a big partner and friend of Russia. But India’s image is not like other countries, it is a supporter of peace and cooperation all over the world. India is against expansionist policy.

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