Rishi Sunak, a strong candidate for the post of Prime Minister in Britain, expressed his gratitude to the parents and wife, slogans of ‘Rishi-Rishi’ raised in Wimble, London

Rishi Sunak, a strong candidate for the post of Prime Minister in Britain, expressed his gratitude to the parents and wife, slogans of 'Rishi-Rishi' raised in Wimble, London

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Rishi Sunak


  • Slogans of ‘Rishi-Rishi’ raised at Wimble in London
  • In the last program related to the election campaign, Rishi Sunak expressed his gratitude to his parents and wife
  • Rishi Sunak also told his love story

Rishi Sunak: Rishi Sunak, the new leader of the Conservative Party in Britain and the prime ministerial candidate, thanked his parents and wife Akshata Murthy for their cooperation in the last program related to the election campaign. People raised slogans of “Rishi-Rishi” at an event in Wimble, London on Wednesday night. It was clear from the warm welcome that Sunak, at least to these spectators, was at the forefront of the race to replace Boris Johnson as UK prime minister. Sunak said, “This last election program is very special for me because two people who inspired me to join public service are here today – my mother and father.” After this the camera sat in the front row. He turned to his physician father Yashveer and pharmacist mother Usha. Sunak’s wife was also sitting with him. Sunak said to the applause, “What he did for the people inspired me to join politics. Thank you mother, father, for trying to give a better life to your children and always sacrificing them for them. Thank you also for teaching me that with hard work and faith and love of family you can achieve anything for your great country.

Rishi Sunak tells his love story

Describing his wife as “wonderful, loving, humble”, Sunak narrated their love story while studying at Stanford University in the US. He said, “You know how much you mean to me and I am very grateful that you chose me 18 years ago.” Made a last-ditch effort to persuade Tory members who have not yet decided who they will vote for with their perspective on inflation, fighting crime, tax and immigration reforms, and foreign policy priorities. Responding to a question about the biggest sacrifice I’ve made in the race to become Britain’s ‘first black prime minister’, Sunak said, “The biggest sacrifice I’ve made is that I’ve been a husband and father for the last few years.” I am not able to play my role well. It’s really difficult for me because I love my kids and wife very much and unfortunately my presence in their lives has diminished a bit over the years.”

I care a lot about my country: Rishi Sunak

He said, “But since I think it is a huge privilege to do this work. I care a lot for my country and I think I can give something to the country that will benefit millions of people.” The event in London was the 12th and final event in the race for the leader of the Conservative Party. . The election will end on Friday evening and the winner is likely to be announced on Monday.

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