Russia is doing this work with the autocratic countries of the world, sensation from US-UK intelligence report

Russia is doing this work with the autocratic countries of the world, sensation from US-UK intelligence report

Image Source : India TV
US Report on Russia


  • Russia is making a dangerous conspiracy with North Korea
  • China also joins alliance with Russia
  • Russia turning to North Korea and Iran for weapons

US report on Russia Ukraine war: Has Russia, along with autocratic countries, made a big conspiracy against America and the West, does Russia want to destroy the West with its dangerous intentions, has Russia now got the weapon from which America and the West are named- Will the mark be erased?….. America and Britain’s intelligence agencies have made a similar shocking disclosure on Russia. After this report, there has been panic all over the world. Let us now tell you what Russia is going to do, so that America and Britain have warned the western countries to be careful.

Russia is making a dangerous conspiracy with North Korea

A recent US intelligence report has revealed that Russia is planning to buy “millions” of Soviet-era weapons from North Korea. Britain’s defense intelligence has also confirmed that Russia is already using Iran-made drones in Ukraine. These revelations have been made after diplomatic dialogue between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on August 15 to celebrate North Korea’s Liberation Day. The two leaders have proposed new strategic and strategic cooperation and emphasized the tradition of friendship between them. Just a few days ago, Putin met Chinese President Xi Jinping and Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and also promised to send a major business delegation to Iran.

China also joins alliance with Russia
He also promised to do everything possible to make Iran a full-time member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This political and security alliance includes Russia, China, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. Russia has been isolated from the West after invading Ukraine, after which it is pushing to improve its cooperation with autocratic countries, especially North Korea and Iran. China could also be involved in this alliance and this could pose a real threat to Western countries in the coming years. Moscow has had close diplomatic ties with Pyongyang during the Cold War and the Soviet Union has been one of North Korea’s most important economic partners. This relationship changed dramatically in 1991 when the Soviet Union disintegrated.

Since 2000, Putin has made a new beginning in relations with North Korea
The report said that Russia ceased to be a communist country and its focus shifted to building positive relations with Western democracies. He gave priority to economic relations rather than ideological relations and started increasing closeness with America and South Korea. This strained its relations with Pyongyang and North Korea focused on building closer ties with China. When Putin came to power in 2000, Russia tried to restart diplomatic relations with North Korea. Kim Jong-un’s father Kim Jong-il also went to Russia on some occasions. However, the relationship soured due to Russia’s deeply pragmatic approach to foreign policy. The Kremlin continued to condemn Pyongyang’s nuclear program in order to maintain friendly relations with the West.

After the invasion of Ukraine, Russia got a chance to improve relations with North Korea
However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has given it an opportunity to improve relations between the two countries after it was isolated economically and politically. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, North Korea has become largely dependent on Beijing for trade and energy. But even this relationship is not free from political tensions. China’s main objective in the Korean Peninsula is to prevent the fall of North Korea’s autocratic government and prevent its reunification with South Korea. This will not be acceptable to China as it fears that the unification of the Korean countries will increase US involvement in the region. This is one of the reasons in the relations between China and North Korea that Kim Jong Un wants to increase closer to Moscow. Another reason is that by having close ties with Russia, it can get energy at a cheaper rate and it can increase its technical, scientific and commercial cooperation.

Russia turning to North Korea and Iran for weapons
Some commentators say that Russia’s leaning towards North Korea is a positive sign. He claimed that Russia’s request for weapons meant military and economic sanctions were working against the Kremlin. Unable to buy weapons from other countries, Putin is turning to North Korea and Iran, whose weapons are considered unreliable. It is true that the close ties between the world’s most dangerous autocrats are a dire warning to the Westerner. Russia’s interests in North Korea and Iran may be selfish, but it also indicates that Moscow is not concerned about maintaining diplomatic relations with the West and may position the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a NATO rival. .

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