Russia-Ukraine War: Russia’s budget is 10 times bigger than that of Ukraine, know why President Putin still devoured

Russia-Ukraine War: Russia's budget is 10 times bigger than that of Ukraine, know why President Putin still devoured

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  • Russia-Ukraine war may drag on for more than a year
  • Russia could not accurately assess Ukraine’s power
  • Russian army has to put full force in fighting with Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine War: More than six months have passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine. Despite this, there is no end to this war between the two countries. Experts in many countries are expressing the possibility of this war going on for years, but the President of Russia wants to end it as soon as possible. Russia’s defense budget is also 10 times higher than that of Ukraine. But the Russian army has not been able to defeat Ukraine so far. Let us know what is the reason behind this….

With Ukrainian forces launching a retaliatory strike to free the southern province of Kherson from Russian control, Russian President Vladimir Putin is learning the same lesson many leaders before him have learned: ‘War is often more than expected. proves to be lengthy and costly. Russia launched an attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and over the past six months Putin and his military officials have been receiving unexpected responses from the Ukrainian military. On August 28, 2022, Ukraine launched a counter-offensive in the southern province of Kherson. Oleksey Arestovich, a senior adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, described the operation as a “slow enemy destroyer”.

Russia hoped that the Ukrainian army would lay down arms

Oleksiy said that the end of this war is near, it does not seem that at all. I have served on combat and operational occasions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Africa and South America as a US Army Special Forces officer. I did field research into the 2008 and 2014 wars in Georgia and Ukraine. In my view, Russia’s initial strategy was to quickly enter the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and force the Ukrainian army to lay down its arms quickly. But this could not be possible because the planning was not done properly and it was not implemented properly. Apart from this, the counter-attack by the Ukrainian army was also a reason. Actually, many people believed that Kyiv would collapse in the initial months of the attack, but the Russian army had to throw all its strength in the Kyiv region only in March 2022.

Ukraine’s army is proficient

Ukraine’s counter-offensive near Kyiv gave them an opportunity to re-establish control of a significant area around Kharkiv. The region is located in the northeast of Ukraine and is the third most populous region in the country. As the war progresses, it passes through several phases and the ongoing war in Ukraine is no exception. The Russian attack in its initial phase relied on the advance of the army to fight and overpower the enemy wherever and whenever possible. It gradually became clear that the Ukrainian army was more adept at this method of warfare, while the Russian army was comparatively larger in size.

Russia’s defense budget is $45.8 billion
Russia’s military budget for 2022 stood at $45.8 billion. Whereas Ukraine’s military budget is only $4.7 billion. According to this, Russia’s defense budget is about 10 times more than that of Ukraine. There are nine lakh soldiers in the Russian army. It also has 15,857 armored vehicles. Despite this, he has eaten in the war with Ukraine. The main reason for this is that Russia did not properly assess the potential of Ukraine. Taking the enemy lightly and considering itself too big is weighing on Russia. Ukraine has trained its military well over the past six years with the help of Western allies, which has enabled it to better defend itself in Kyiv and other places.

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