Russia-Ukraine War Update: Along with Kharkiv, Russian troops were also expelled from Kupiyansk, now Ukrainians are running their tanks

Russia-Ukraine War Update: Along with Kharkiv, Russian troops were also expelled from Kupiyansk, now Ukrainians are running their tanks

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Russia-Ukraine War


  • Russia blew up the river bridge dividing Kupiansk in two
  • Ukrainian troops captured half of the city of Kupiyansk
  • Local citizens told tales during the occupation of Russia

Russia-Ukraine War Update: Another frustrating news for Russia is coming out of Ukraine’s war zone. After ousting Russia from Kharkiv, Ukrainian troops have now also evicted their second important city of Kupiyansk. Seeing the bravery of Ukrainian soldiers, Russian soldiers have also left their tanks. The condition is that now Ukrainian soldiers are running Russian tanks. Seeing this, the Ukrainians settled in Kupiansk were also skeptical. When he first saw the Russian tank, he panicked, but he took a sigh of relief seeing him driving his soldiers.

Ukraine has worsened the condition of Russian troops for the last two-three weeks. Now he is returning, leaving the cities of Ukraine one after the other. This has dealt a severe blow to Russia. Now Ukrainian troops in the war seem to be overwhelming Russia. The world is also shocked to see this. Ukrainian soldiers have bravely faced Russia in the war that has been going on for almost seven months.

Soldiers of both countries on the frontline river

The frontline river that runs through Oskil, the central region of the Ukrainian city of Kupiansk, now has Ukrainian troops on one side and Russians on the other. In a massive retaliatory strike this month, Ukraine has almost completely driven out Russian enemies from its northeastern Kharkiv region.

Local citizens told tales during the occupation of Russia
Local Ukrainians are now breathing a sigh of relief after ousting Russian troops from the city of Kupiansk. However, he never expected that this would happen. Standing from her bedroom window, 26-year-old Liza Udovic explains that there are now Ukrainian soldiers on one side and a view on the other, where the Russians have retreated. In the past few days when the Ukrainian army moved from Kupiansk and the city became a battlefield. Russian troops were captured here. Liza’s apartment was also rocked by fireballs. Although the same Russian tanks and armored vehicles still patrol the streets, they are now driven by Ukrainians. Ukrainian soldiers are now also using the weapons left by the Russians. Liza smiled and said that now the Russian troops are being pushed back.

When Oskil became a shield for the Russians
On September 9, as Ukrainian troops approached the Russians in Kupiyansk, the Russians used the bridge over the Oskil’s Frontline River as a shield. When Russian armored vehicles crossed the bridge, they blew up the bridge itself to slow Kyiv’s momentum and prevent Ukrainian troops from advancing. With this, now there are Russian soldiers on one side and Ukrainians on the other. Thus Kupiyansk was suddenly cut off from its other side. The next day 55-year-old Lena Danilova was seen in confusion while driving Ukrainian vehicles on the streets of the city. A man next to him pulled up his sleeve, pointing to the different uniforms on the soldiers now patrolling the area. He was saying, “Look, these are our boys,” he whispered to her. Danilova said she wiped her tears of joy upon hearing this, but when she realized that her two children were trapped on the other side of the river. Who had gone to study in a school there just a few days ago. So she got sad. Now it is the line where Russian troops are desperate to stop Ukraine further south in its occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Russia had captured Kupiyansk without a fight in three days
Kupiyansk, which is now being dominated by Ukrainian troops. There at the beginning of the war, Russia occupied it without a fight in just three days. From this the city was at least spared from Russian bombardment. Now people here are facing some of the horrors of war that other Ukrainians faced months ago. He waited and hoped for Ukraine to be liberated. Now that seems to be true. Many local citizens said, but they did not imagine that it would be like this. Because there was a threat of Russian shelling from all sides. There was neither power to save them nor any way to get medicines and other basic necessities in the city.

Some people in Kupiyansk are pro-Russian
What happened during the Russian occupation? People say about this that a part of the population sympathizes with Moscow here. Neighbors can inform their neighbors if Russian troops return. Udovic told that because of this his own family broke up. Her grandmother stopped talking to her sister after hanging the Russian flag outside the house. Because she was a supporter of Ukraine.

The mayor of Kupiansk handed over the city to Russia
On 27 February when Russia invaded Ukraine and he reached Kupiyansk. So within three days of no war, Kupiansk Mayor Gennady Matsegora posted a video on Facebook admitting that he had handed over the city to the Russian military. Matsegora was a member of the pro-Russian party of Ukraine. At 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, when a commander of a Russian battalion called to propose talks, he said. “If refused, a storm of devastation will hit the city. I have decided to participate in negotiations to avoid casualties and destruction in the city. Udovi, a Ukrainian patriot, almost certainly considered Mtsegora a traitor. But his own feelings are complicated. Matsegora’s decision may have saved civilian lives at the time, he said. “We didn’t hear the explosions that we hear now. In the beginning it was peace, but we knew that eventually, it would all start.

Russia forcibly put pressure on citizens
The Russians used Kupiansk as the seat of their occupation government. A propaganda radio station called “Kharkiv-Z” – the letter “Z” became a symbol of the Russian military through local shops. Residents here could then call only Russia. Even without a formal merger, the city became so integrated into Russia that Udovic visited a relative in the Far East Russian city of Vladivostok, near the North Korean border. So the authorities in Moscow advertised that people from Kupiansk could obtain Russian passports. Danilova said that she was forced to send her children to school. Although he knew that the Russian course would be taught there. But people were threatened that they would be deprived of their parental rights if they did not do so. Curfew was imposed only at eight o’clock in the night. There were also rumors of the disappearance of whoever was caught during this period.

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