Russia-Ukraine War Update: You will be surprised to know that Russian soldiers are being put to death by their own tanks

Russia-Ukraine War Update: You will be surprised to know that Russian soldiers are being put to death by their own tanks

Image Source : India TV
Russia-Ukraine War


  • Ukraine is now deploying Russia’s captured tanks against it
  • Russian soldiers fled from Kharkiv and Kupiyansk leaving weapons and tanks
  • Ukraine is beating Russia with Russian tanks

Russia-Ukraine War Update: President Vladimir Putin could never have imagined that one day his own tanks would put Russian soldiers to death. But it’s true. In Ukraine’s war zone, the circumstances changed in such a way that its own tanks started proving fatal for Russia. Russian tanks are now raining fire on his soldiers. Yes, don’t be surprised, because it is true. How all this was possible…Let’s tell you everything about it.

Ukrainian soldiers actually started dominating Russia in the past. The situation became such that Russian soldiers had to flee from many cities of Ukraine. Russian soldiers who fled to save their lives also left their tanks and weapons there. Now it is being used by Ukrainian soldiers. We are defeating Russia with its own weapons and cannons.

Russian tanks deployed against Russia

Ukraine is now deploying captured Russian tanks against it to strengthen its lead on the North Eastern region. This claim has been made by a think tank in America. On the other hand, Kyiv has resolved to move forward on the areas which Russia has occupied. The Washington-based Institute for the Study of War cited Russian claims that Ukraine was using T-72 tanks that were abandoned by Russian forces and that Ukraine is now trying to advance into Russian-held Luhansk. . “The Russian troops initially panicked by the counter-attack left high quality equipment that is in working condition while Russian troops left damaged equipment during their retreat from Kyiv in April,” the institute said.

This month Ukraine had captured its city Kharkiv
Earlier this month, Ukraine launched counterattacks and its troops infiltrated areas around its second largest city, Kharkiv. Videos and photos show Ukrainian soldiers taking possession of tanks, ammunition and other weapons that Russian troops had left there during the retreat. During this, Ukrainian soldiers have found graves near the city of Egym. Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister Yevheny Yenin told a TV channel that officials excavated the graves and found bodies that appeared to have been tortured. He said that the dead bodies have broken ribs, head bone, jaw and they have been tortured in other ways as well. Ukrainian officials have alleged that Russia has persecuted people in the occupied territories, but Russia has denied these allegations.

Ukrainian troops moving to the south
Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces are advancing in the southern part of the country. The institute quoted the Ukrainian military as saying that Kyiv troops had destroyed an ammunition depot, two command posts and an electronic warfare system. The Ukrainian military’s southern command said it sank a Russian barge carrying its soldiers and weapons into the Dnieper River near the Russian-held town of Nova Kakhovka in the early hours of Tuesday. Many Russian soldiers are feared to be killed in this. Thus Ukraine is increasingly dominating Russia.

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