Saudi Arabia Fashion Show people criticize crown prince mohammed bin salman

Saudi Arabia Fashion Show people criticize crown prince mohammed bin salman

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Fashion Show Saudi Arabia:


  • fashion show held in saudi arabia
  • Crown Prince targeted by hardliners
  • A similar show was held in 2018 as well.

Fashion Show Saudi Arabia: Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is in the news all over the world. The reason is also surprising. Actually there is a fashion show in this country. Designers from all over the world arrived to take part in it. On one hand, while this conservative country is being praised a lot, on the other hand, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has come under the target of the people. Earlier, for the first time in the year 2018, a similar show was held here. But this time it has been organized on a much larger scale. The designers at the show have presented modern designs keeping in mind the culture of Saudi Arabia. During this, many Sheikhs were seen enjoying the show.

How is this fashion show different?

This fashion show started on August 25, but this time the Crown Prince i.e. MBS has come under the target of the people. In the year 2018, the show was named Desh Arab Fashion Week. In which models came from all over the world to participate. On the other hand, talking about MBS, he was made the Crown Prince in the year 2015 and since then he has been making a lot of reformative changes for women in the country. This time the name of the show is Jimmy Fashion Week, whose critics are questioning the Crown Prince that in a country which has two holy mosques, is such a person eligible to become a Sultan in that country? Men and cameras were allowed to enter the 2018 fashion show, but photography of any kind was banned during the cat walk. There was a lot of discussion in this matter too.

shame on the show

An influencer from Saudi Arabia also reached the show. In an interview, he has termed the show as shameful for the country. She said, ‘I know it is a kind of mixed show in which both men and women have participated. Mix means food and water. It was quite embarrassing. To be honest, that was quite an embarrassing situation. I thought it was a fashion show of women’s bodies. At the same time, many citizens have started asking why such programs are being allowed in the country.

Fashion Show Saudi Arabia:

Image Source : India TV

Fashion Show Saudi Arabia:

designers from abroad

Both local and international designers came to Riyadh’s fashion shows. Ever since MBS took over, many social changes have taken place in the country. Now women can drive here, gender discrimination has reduced to a great extent, now women can go to many places for entertainment. Fashion week has also been organized under this initiative. The 2018 Arab Fashion Week was organized as a new identity for women. In which models from Brazil, Lebanon, Russia, Saudi Arabia, America and UAE had arrived to participate. MBS aims to transform the country by 2030. This is the reason that now the participation of women is increasing in almost all fields.

Made many big changes in the society

Coming to the social issue, changes were seen in Saudi, which no one had ever imagined even in a dream. Now women don’t have to wear full veils or obey guardianship rules (getting permission from father or husband) on everything, they can drive a car. Men and women can walk around, go to cinema halls, or attend rap and hip-hop concerts without the fear of a muttaveen (religious police). Like his father and previous rulers since 9/11, MBS has sought to discredit the country’s image by funding and promoting Islamic extremist groups.

accused of violating human rights

He oversaw Saudi Arabia’s largest-ever death sentences earlier this year, with 81 people executed for crimes of “terrorism and extremist ideology”. He was also accused of human rights violations. He has been widely criticized for the imprisonment and alleged torture of writer Raif Badawi and female activist Louzain Alhthloul, dissatisfied with his rule. These people, of course, have now been released from jail but there are travel restrictions on them. His critics fear that when MBS is doing so much and has so much power, sitting just as Crown Prince at the age of 40, what will he do if he becomes King.

Fashion Show Saudi Arabia:

Image Source : India TV

Fashion Show Saudi Arabia:

Many challenges ahead for MBS

Due to these reforms, MBS has to face criticism from hardliners from time to time. In terms of business, MBS will need to convince his countrymen that opening Saudi Arabia’s doors to investment will not undermine strict citizenship laws and his plan to attract expatriates to the niom (hi-tech city) of the country. will not empty the treasury. French statesman and thinker Alexis de Tocqueville said in the early 1800s, ‘Experience shows that the most dangerous time for a bad government is usually when it begins to reform.’ And the same thing can prove to be a reality for the Crown Prince in the coming times. They may have to face all kinds of challenges.

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