Shahbaz begged for mercy, America will give so many billion dollars to save Pakistan from hunger

Shahbaz begged for mercy, America will give so many billion dollars to save Pakistan from hunger

Image Source : India TV
USA Help Pak


  • US announces additional aid of $ 2.9 billion
  • Has given $ 450 million for the first F-16
  • Pakistan’s PM Shahbaz had sought help from America

America help to Pakistan: In flood and debt-ridden Pakistan, only the poor are poor. There is no place to live and no place to eat. America has once again shown mercy to Pakistan, crying and begging for mercy. Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has met US President Joe Biden at the reception of world leaders attending the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York. He put the plight of Pakistan in front of America. After this, the US has announced an additional assistance of $ 2.9 billion to get Pakistan out of starvation.

According to the Express Tribune report, this is the first conversation between US President Biden and the Pakistani Prime Minister. Since his election, Biden had not spoken to then Prime Minister Imran Khan or his successor. Despite being informal, the meeting is significant given the fact that the Biden administration largely ignored Pakistan during Imran Khan’s tenure. However, the atmosphere between the two countries has changed since the change of government.

Pakistan will get relief from hunger with the announcement of additional help

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Biden stepped in to provide aid to Pakistan, where the floods had wreaked havoc. Still there are cravings for food and drink in Pakistan. Poor and helpless Pakistanis do not have a house to live in and no food to eat. There is a situation of starvation in front of them. During this time, along with the floods, Pakistan has also sunk in debt. In such a situation, with the help received so far, he was failing to save the Pakistanis from hunger. As such, Biden announced more than $2.9 billion in new aid to address global food insecurity, building on the US government’s $6.9 billion in aid to support global food security already committed this year. .

Has given $ 450 million for the first F-16
The US, kind to Pakistan, had also helped it earlier this month. A senior adviser to the US Secretary of State visited Pakistan then and the Biden administration also provided Pakistan with $450 million in F-16 equipment aid. The US had given this amount to Pakistan in the name of maintaining F-16 and fighting terrorism. Whereas Pakistan itself is the biggest trader of terror. In such a situation, the whole world knows how much he will use this money to fight against the terrorists. But America is being given help on help to Pakistan for its personal interests.

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