‘The world has to stand with us’ Pakistani PM begged from around the world

'The world has to stand with us' Pakistani PM begged from around the world

Image Source : India TV
shahbaz sharif


  • China owes more than $ 30 billion to Pakistan
  • How can the world expect us to stand on our own feet
  • the world has to stand with us

Pakistan: Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has made an urgent appeal to rich countries for relief in repayment of debt as the debt liability is over and reminded of the devastation caused by the floods, saying that Pakistan is bearing the brunt of environmental damage. According to Pakistani media, there is a yawning gap between what Pakistan is asking for and what is available, according to Sharif, warning that the country is facing a pandemic and other threats.

the world has to support

In a televised conversation, Sharif said that Pakistan has recently signed an agreement with the IMF under very difficult conditions, including taxes on petroleum and electricity. Seeking support for Pakistan affected by devastating floods this monsoon, which is already battling with a stressed economy, Sharif said, how can the world expect us to stand on our feet unless we get adequate relief , this is impossible. The world has to stand with us.

we are weak country
In response to a question about debt obligations, he said, he has spoken to European leaders and other leaders to help us, at the Paris Club, get a moratorium. According to a media report, Sharif told that he has spoken to the World Bank about immediate debt relief and will start talks with China after the Paris club. Pakistan owes China $ 30 billion or one-third of its total foreign debt. He said that the reason for the increase in debt is also the damage caused by the floods. Our carbon emissions are less than 1 percent and, to be very precise, 0.08 percent, which is among the lowest in the world. But we have been rated as one of the most vulnerable countries.

America extended a helping hand
In his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Biden stepped in to provide aid to Pakistan, where the floods had wreaked havoc. Still there are cravings for food and drink in Pakistan. Poor and helpless Pakistanis do not have a house to live in and no food to eat. There is a situation of starvation in front of them. During this time, along with the floods, Pakistan has also sunk in debt. In such a situation, with the help received so far, he was failing to save the Pakistanis from hunger. As such, Biden announced more than $2.9 billion in new aid to address global food insecurity, building on the US government’s $6.9 billion in aid to support global food security already committed this year. .

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