When PM Modi asked the External Affairs Minister on the phone at midnight, are you awake?…

When PM Modi asked the External Affairs Minister on the phone at midnight, are you awake?...

Image Source : India TV
PM Modi called Jaishankar in midnight


  • S Jaishankar told the reason for the PM’s call at 12.30 at midnight
  • How PM Modi works round the clock for the country
  • US Foreign Minister praises PM Modi

PM Modi called Jaishankar in midnight: PM Modi, who never takes leave after working 12 months of the year, how long does he wake up in the night and when does he sleep, then at what time does he wake up….. few people will know all these things. Although you must have often heard that PM Modi sleeps only for five to six hours. Rest 18 to 19 hours a day work for the country. Sometimes PM Modi stays awake till late night. He does not hesitate to ring the phone of his ministers even in the middle of the night when necessary. Something similar happened with External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. PM Modi called him around 12.30 at midnight. He was also surprised to see the Prime Minister’s phone. But the issue was such that PM Modi called him in the middle of the night.

S Jaishankar, who was on his 11-day foreign visit, narrated the whole incident in front of the world, referring to the incident of PM Modi’s midnight phone call in America. He told that India is not changing just like that, but our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is behind it. He stays up till midnight for the country and gets up early in the morning. If the countrymen are stuck in some trouble, then PM Modi cannot sleep till their problems are not resolved. Referring to a similar incident, the External Affairs Minister said that in Afghanistan, when the Taliban were at war with the government there and the lives of Indians were in trouble there, PM Modi could not sleep.

Called in the middle of the night and asked – are you awake?

The External Affairs Minister said that PM Modi’s call came to me in the middle of the night asking you to wake up?… I answered him yes. In fact, the Prime Minister was worried about the safe evacuation of the Indians trapped in Afghanistan during that time. The PM asked what was the situation there. I told that there is an attack going on, but help is about to arrive. Right now it may take up to two to three hours. He said okay, when the mission is over, call me and inform. After this asked, are you watching TV, what is happening? … I said – yes, I am watching. Things are not good. Bombing is happening. Help is just going to reach the people. After listening to our words, the PM remained silent for some time. Then said that when the mission is completed, then call me. This means that the PM did not sleep that night. He was worried about his people reaching safely. It shows how much he cares for the country. This activism of PM Modi has brought a new change in the country.

Surprised by the number without caller id
The External Affairs Minister said that no number was coming by writing on the call ID. Only private number was written. I was also surprised by this. But I understood that some important call was coming. Because when PM Modi also calls, no number comes by writing on it. I thought I’d recognize it by voice. Then as soon as I received my phone, a voice came from there that you are awake?… Hearing this, I recognized PM Modi’s voice. I gave them all the details. Then he said that you must call me after the mission is completed. This is a distinctive quality of PM Modi in itself. How he thinks for the country round the clock and lives for the country, this incident is just an example. When he does not look at the clock and hours while working for the country.

PM Modi changed America’s attitude towards India
Jaishankar said that Prime Minister Modi’s style of working, his personality, self-confidence and his personal image are completely different. He talks frankly. They do what they say. That’s why the world trusts his words. If today America’s attitude towards India has changed and a new beginning of Indo-US relationship has started, then the credit goes to PM Modi. He said that PM Modi is very practical, who only focuses on the results.

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