Why are women burning ‘hijab’ in Iran? Demonstrations intensified in many cities including the capital Tehran, watch the video of the protest here – Iran Hijab protest viral video women burn face cover after custody

 Why are women burning 'hijab' in Iran?  Demonstrations intensified in many cities including the capital Tehran, watch the video of the protest here - Iran Hijab protest viral video women burn face cover after custody

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Iran Hijab Controversy Protests


  • Protests continue in Iran
  • Controversy started over Hijab
  • women burning hijab

Iran Hijab: The controversy surrounding the hijab is nothing new. Controversy has been seen in many countries of the world including India. The latest case is from Iran. Where women are protesting on the streets and burning hijabs. Some women have even set fire to the hijab by standing on the bonnet of the vehicle. These protests are taking place against moral policing. During this, the police opened fire on the protesters, in which 5 people were killed and more than 80 were injured. The demonstrations started from the western part of the country. This is the area, which is also known as Kurdistan. The people here have been adamant on the demand of a separate country for many years.

The entire controversy over the hijab started when a 22-year-old woman was detained for not covering her head. Its name was Mahsa Amini. The Mahsa were Kurdish in origin. There are allegations of torture while in custody, due to which she fell into a coma and died on 16 September. After which the anger of the women of the country flared up. The demonstrations, which started in Kurdistan cities, have reached the capital Tehran. The protesting women are demanding that the hijab be made optional instead of mandatory.

Against whom are the slogans being raised?

The protesters are also raising slogans against the country’s supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Due to which the police opened fire on him. Elections are held in this country and there is also a democratic system, but despite this, all important decisions are taken by Khamenei. A surprising thing for the government here is that along with women, men are also taking part in these demonstrations. There have been reports of security forces clashing with people in Kurdish populated areas. In the town of the deceased Mahsa, the police opened fire on the protesters. After his funeral, protesters had gathered outside the Governor’s House. Where the security personnel started firing at him.

Over 250 people arrested

Police on Monday arrested more than 250 people from Kurdish-populated areas to stop the demonstrations. Security forces are conducting operations against the protesters. Their houses are being raided. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are also involved in this operation. A Kurdish activist said security forces were targeting people who work for the Kurds. Despite this, until Mahsa gets justice, the protest will continue.

What has the police said in the matter?

Iranian police have dismissed reports of protesters’ deaths. Official media reports said the police had arrested the protesters but no one was killed. However, Iran has suspended the head of the Moral Police, the Moral Police. But the police have denied the allegations of torturing Mahsa. Police say that Mahsa died due to illness and not because of torture.

The Internet has been shut down by the government in Kurdish areas. After which the world’s richest person Elon Musk said that his company Starlink’s satellite is working here. Internet can be taken from them. Let us tell you that Iran has very strict religious laws, due to which all kinds of restrictions are imposed on women. Before the Islamic Revolution of 1979, women had a lot of freedom, but now they have no freedom at all.

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