Asia Cup 2022 When will the match between India vs Afghanistan Super 4 Asia Cup 2022: When will the match between India and Afghanistan, know here

Asia Cup 2022 When will the match between India vs Afghanistan Super 4 Asia Cup 2022: When will the match between India and Afghanistan, know here

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Afganistan Cricket Team


  • Afghanistan’s team has entered the Super Four first
  • Team India’s seat will also be secured as soon as we win today’s match.
  • India’s first match in Super Four is likely to be with Pakistan

Asia Cup 2022 Super 4 Match : Team India is facing Hong Kong in the Asia Cup 2022. The Indian team has already defeated Pakistan by five wickets in the match and their entry into the Super 4 is almost certain. Team India is currently at number one in Group A and winning today’s match will also ensure that Team India will remain on top even after the league round. After this, when the match will be played between Pakistan and Hong Kong, whichever team will win this match, it will be at number two. At the same time, in Group B, the Afghanistan team has made sure that it will remain at number one. If Team India wins today’s match, then its match in Super 4 will be played against Afghanistan on 6th September.

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The Super 4 matches will begin after the league phase of the Asia Cup is over. So far, only Afghanistan team is such, which has confirmed its place in Super 4. First this team defeated Sri Lanka badly, then defeated Bangladesh in an interesting match. The team is at number one in Group B. Team India will enter Super 4 by winning today’s match. If this happens then India and Afghanistan will top their respective groups. After this, the top teams in the Super Four will face each other on September 6. This match will also be played at the Dubai International Stadium.

Knockout matches will be two matches
Talking about Group A and B, only one team from Pakistan and Hong Kong will be able to go to Super 4. That is, the match between Pakistan and Hong Kong can be a knockout. At the same time, the match played between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on September 1 will also be knocked out. Whichever team loses in this, it will be out of Super 4, the team that wins will continue its journey even further. However, in the meantime, today’s match is very important for Team India. Because today India’s top 3 players will have a chance to get back in form and find their momentum before the Super 4 clash.

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